Important Links for Subscribers

Windows Launcher (in development, very buggy): To load the clothing version in the launcher, you currently need to download it separately and then press F12 while on the launcher's main page.
Latest Release Changelist and Download Links:
Alpha Tester unlock file (there's a new one every couple of months):
Alpha Tester Download Links for Clothing Window Version for the latest stable release:

Alpha Tester Download Link for the latest unstable release (Clothing Version only): N/A -- latest release is the stable release.
Alpha Tester Debug Commands are at the bottom of here:
"I'm struggling to launch the game" troubleshooting:
Shame Games Twitter account (this is where you'll find the most frequent updates on development and when you might be able to expect the next version to arrive):
Problems? Lonely? Horny? Come chat with the Discord community:

Bonus Smut

Sometimes I publish other lewdness I've created or helped create and am allowed to share with my patrons. Recently we've had...
Cursed Armour Audio Porn Series:
Tsundere Experience Audio Porn Series:

Meet the Gladiator (Trap Quest Audio Porn):
Diaper Quest (the diaper-humiliation-focused version of Trap Quest):
Aika's Twitter account (lewdness, memes, politics etc.):