This is another reminder for those who have/had the cameo tiers; send me a message so we can discuss your cameos. For some reason, Subscribestar does not let me search by tier through my subscribers so I can't find everyone to send them messages. I presume this is because subscribestar intends rewards to be handled through the posting system and not through private messages, but that is just a guess on my part.

If you're subscribed at those tiers just to support me and don't want a cameo, that is fine too; but if you do want a cameo and are confused about me not messaging you about it yet, it's probably because I can't find you. Just drop me a message and we can get started. 

If you had previously subscribed to one of these tiers and had since unsubscribed, let me know as well; you still get your rewards for your support. I just need to know what you want your cameo to be.