DEVLOG: The Acceptable Fetishes (0.5 Preview)

I know that you’re a little bit upset about the last "softing" changes, but my mission here is to deliver a lewd content. Since the GOR mechanics and sexual violence is not allowed, it doesn’t mean that there will be no "acceptable" or "allowed" , but hot as hell fetishes.

The Flesh Pit dimension. It’s about pregnancy fetish, big squishy tentacles, egg laying and birth.

I decided to play with physics of tentacles to make animation more procedural. All previous tentacles were made by static keyframes, because their animation didn’t look «flexible», you know.

As for location. The location is made by flesh. I want to make it like classic “hentai” tentacle pit.

Also you can "interact" with environment or just run from A to B and kill them all.

About "Them" We have a new monster, his name is Sentinel. He is terrible I think, and he looks like sexless male. But be careful, he has a lot of surprizes for you…

So, don’t be upset. I hope the new release will be more nasty and perverted than the last one. Sincerely yours, Viktor