Edging Space gets some branding

The Edging Space domain has been something I've been using on and off for a couple of years now as a way to start being less dependent on my original Tumblr domain, female-orgasm-denial.tumblr.com.

That's always been quite a mouthful and actually a lot of guys follow the blog too, so I liked the move to something more generic.

Now that the books are nearly ready I thought I needed to  put some more effort into the branding of all this. I'm not a designer, although I do have some basic skills (as you'll hopefully see in the posts about cover designs.

My lovely friend Lizzie, who's a typography wizard, pointed me in the direction of this fabulous font RainLoveScript which is available free from fontbundles.net.

I didn't just want it as a nice script though. The best logos have at least a bit of customisation in the typography (this is for practical reasons too, it's easier to protect as a trademark if you're a big business). 

I tried a few things underneath it, mostly feminine curves, but nothing really worked. Then I sat back and looked at the shapes of the letters. 'Hmm, that S kind of looks like the hole made when you cut a pair of pantyhose open' my twisted mind came up with.

So I opened it up in Illustrator (my least favourite graphics program) and just about figured out how to add a 'slit'. I threw the output at Lizzie, mostly as a joke and she was supportive as ever...

Then, as irrefutable proof of the concept of simultaneous invention, I thought, 'A drip on that would be very appropriate and had just put it in place as she messaged, ' you could’ve gone for a 💧 on the p’s descender'

GMTA am I right?

A dripping pussy needed a matching dripping cock, so after a few tries the first E got the dong treatment. I know it's slightly infantile, but it's still making me chuckle half a day in and if we can't have fun with this shit we're doing it wrong. 
Colour choices went from red (the drips made it look like a Period blog) to purple, and then finally to gold, because we're classy like that!

So there we have it, a new Edging Space Logo.

I've made a few variations:
The basic logo

A short version for use on things like avatars and website icons

And then my favourite, a 'sub-brand' (pun unintended). The trick with sub-brands is take the normal logo and stick a contrasting font next to it. This is for the publishing side of what I'm doing.

They say it's all about the details. Check out the 'l' in publishing... I'm unreasonably proud of that.

So there you go, getting my ducks in a row. I hope it's interesting. As well as my writing and tasks I plan to use this to explain some of the other things that I've been doing that go into getting my books created and online. I'll be sharing my cover concepts with you in an upcoming post and talk you through the process I've gone through to get those too.

I'm really keen to get your feedback on those, and this of course. 

What do you think, do you like the design. Is the cock too much, or did it make you laugh?
And of course the biggie. Cut or uncut?