August Monthly Update

Managed to get three fics out this month!

The first one was done for Shark Week earlier this month, entitled Swim Fast, Eat Ass. It's starring my shark-pony OC, Gulfstream, and an Aussie background pony by the name of Rolling Thunder. I really enjoyed incorporating all the unique traits of sharks while writing her, so I hope you'll give it a read!
Available on FiMFiction here.

The other two were my parts of a four-part "tennis match" collaboration between myself and my new cowriter-slash-friend Vis-a-Viscera. A bit of Nightmare Night Power-Ponies-themed debauchery among the Mane Six gets a lot more intense when the Mane-iac shows up, and shows them the real meaning of a good time...
Part 1 [Vis-a-Viscera]  |  Part 2 [Me!] | Part 3 [Vis-a-Viscera] | Part 4 [Me!]

More to come next month.

Swim fast, eat ass!