Hey there!

I'm a beginning erotica writer; I first started writing lewd fanfiction in January 2020 with a focus on characters and scenarios in the My Little Pony universe. I didn't think much of my own work at first, but it seems to have taken off as I've gotten a much bigger response than I ever could've anticipated for my first couple of stories.

Writing has never been a long-term career goal of mine or anything (I'm a CompSci major, not an English major), but it's something I enjoy doing a lot in my spare time; many years ago, back when I was in high school, I dabbled in writing an overambitious adventure fiction in the Pokemon universe, which was also relatively well-received, yet I had trouble continuing from where I'd left it. Life, and my own writer's block, continued to get in the way, and eventually, I just gave up on it.

Since exiting high school and beginning college, though, my perspective on writing has changed, and I'm happy to say erotica has proved to be both much easier, and more fun, to write. I know the sort of things I write are hardly for everyone, but any assistance is appreciated more than I can say! I'm just in it for the fun of writing, not for the money. <3

Things I won't write (subject to change)

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  • bodily waste (scat, ws)
  • foalcon, ab/dl, diaper, or anything tangentially related
  • zebradom/raceplay