Progress report and Reddit!

It was brought to my attention that I've dropped the ball recently with keeping people up to date on what's happening surrounding Aftermath Team.

First, we have a reddit now! There's not much there yet, but then it's only a couple of days old and this is the first time we've mentioned it outside of our discord channel. We'd love it if people joined, maybe struck up a bit of conversation, . . . some of our writers have even expressed that it might be a good way to engage the players and ask about what to write, . . . 

Now, on to an update about, . . . . pretty much everything, . . . 

As we all know, the world has been insane recently. Kids being home instead of at school threw a really big monkey wrench in how I've been able to work. Ultimately, I decided content was more important than progress reports (If I was wrong to do so, say so in the comments below and I'll plan accordingly for the next pandemic or mass rioting.) 

I have to take a moment to thank all the people who have been helping out recently with the game. Annen, Irish Major Tom, The Exile, TheMadExile, Scoots, manlyMan, Princile Chorus, Asura, Mathias, Don Diego, rfpnj, and I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a couple. When I was unable to work as much as I wanted, nearly everyone stepped up to fill the gap. We had several authors who took up the challenge to create new content for their own characters. So much so in fact that I STILL have about a dozen scenes sitting in my submissions folder to be added to the game. And we had a couple of coders join our team in recent months who have been very active, rebuilding the way images are handled in the game, adding the kennels, stables, greenhouse, got the lab up and running, and even the paper doll system is working! 

So, where are we right now?  
* If all goes to plan, I'll finish up a big extension to the Misaki Futa scene added in the last build (Sponsored content.) by the end of this week. 
* I also hope to get the last of the submissions into the game by the end of the weekend. 
* I have three pieces of character art sitting in a folder to be added to the game that should make it into the game some time this week. 
*One of our coders is working on strip poker. I do NOT have a timeline for when this will be complete, but it will be used in several places. 1. It will be added to Inheritance so you can play with the girls. 2. We're planning to set it up as it's own game and adding characters from all of my projects to it just for giggles. 3. It will be set up so it can be added to future projects. 
* As of right now, we've got about 60k words of content in the game for the next build. That's a pretty solid build size, and we've still got a little more than a week to add more! 

What's on the horizon?
Anyone who has been with us for a while knows I have a lot of plans. Sometimes those plans come about quickly, other times they drag on forever. I do however always get to the things I have planned. The single most ambitious project I ever planned was one called Aftermath. It would take place in a Fallout like world. At the time, our team included individuals with a lot of code knowledge who could make it work. Then they vanished, . . . Because of that, I started work on The Allure of Wanton Cove since the code for that was closer to my personal skill level. All the while, I laid plans for what was to come. Inheritance, or at least the code in it, has been implemented from the start in a way that should make it easy to adapt for future projects. Aftermath will make use of nearly all of the major code in Inheritance (And use a lot more given it's broader scope.) 

Since one of our coders has started asking "What will we do once we finish everything currently planned for Inheritance?" I've been replying with "Once we finish (Insert current list of things Inheritance still needs) then we're going to get Aftermath ready to work on. 

This should not have a major impact on Inheritance. Until recently, I always worked on two projects at a time, largely to prevent burnout and keep things interesting. Inheritance is diverse enough of a game that burnout hasn't been an issue. When Aftermath is ready to work on, I will then start splitting my time between the two projects again. I have every intention of continuing to grow Inheritance for as long as people have interest in it. 

I can't say when exactly this will happen, but since this is the first time anything has been in motion for that project in a long time, I felt it was worth mentioning. 

I attached an old demo for Aftermath to this post. Keep in mind that this is about a 3-4 year old demo, but it SHOULD give some indication of what we have planned on that front.

NOTE to anyone interested in creating content for the game: 
* We have had a TON of new content coming in these last few months, and with that new content there's been several new characters added to the game. In the interest of fleshing out characters already in the game, we've put a partial hold on adding new characters to the game. Exceptions can be made for authors who are willing to create a significant amount of content for a character up front. (PM me for details) This restriction will remain in place only long enough for some of the characters with little content to start catching up to the rest of the crew. Submissions for existing characters will be accepted and added to the game normally. And I think that should give you all some idea where we are with everything. 

We've been VERY active in the background even if I haven't been posting updates as often as I would like. Comment below with your thoughts. I'd love to hear what all of you have to say, and I look forward to seeing some of you join us on Reddit!