Dev Update #43

I've spent the week working on posing and character design.

Scene 5 and 6 are fully posed and rendered. Without surprises nor difficulties, these two scenes were easy to deal with. 
Scene 7, however, is another story. I had to create or redesign several characters for this occasion along with creating new locations. All this work is done and I'm pretty satisfied with the results. I have now a lot of shots to pose before going back to writing.
Scene 7 will probably be the most time-consuming part of V0.5 development. I think I'm halfway through it.

The quick sum up :
  • Day 5 will contain 22 scenes (But I'm still thinking about adding one more. A very short one.)
  • Scenes up to Scene 7 are written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 6 are posed and fully rendered.
  • 16 428 words. 137 renders are done / 142 posed shots.
  • I'm currently working on posing Scene 7.

You can also follow my progress with this trello board.

As always, thank you for your support!

The Naughty Captain