Hello peeps, on a whim I decided to port Naomi's shaders to URP in unity 2019.3 to see if there are significant performance advantages. Maybe I did this cause I needed a distraction....

Anyway there appears to be benefits!  But I need to confirm! 

Please download this build on any device you have especially low powered devices and let me know how things go performance wise. 

Some notes:
  • Quality ranges from 1-3 or 1-6  the higher number being the highest quality. 
  • You may see flickering where Naomi turns completely black in the "standard" build, this is an issue I'm aware of but doesn't appear in normal builds. It's an issue associated with shadows.  
  • Please send screenshots on the discord or in the comments!
  • This demo has touch controls so you can move the camera. Yes I'm aware the touch controls are better than current build releases, just know this system is...  different I didn't need cinemachine integration so i just downloaded it from somewhere. ಠ_ಠ

URP Build
Standard Build

Thanks for your support, if this goes well maybe in a month or two I'll do the port for the full project!