Proof of Life 5/29/20

Sorry I'm not great at giving out regular updates, it just gets to where I don't have a lot to say about the development of the game.  I'm still rendering and I'm still writing.  I'll update the progress meter so it says 65%

I will say that normally we try to have the updates about every 3 months, which should put the release of the next update around June 11th.  This update is going to be later.  I'm not yet sure how much later, but hopefully not a lot. (My goal is less than a month)  Coronavirus has made me have to work from home, which makes it difficult to throw renders together in my free time with my kids around.  Also my coding specialist D.S.-Sama is still MIA, so I've had to take a lot of time to try and understand all his coding and continue his work myself.

The content in this update will add a lot!  I'm trying to fit in a lot of events, because I think the update will feel incomplete without them all!  It's all really good stuff and I can't wait to get it all functioning. 

My rendering and animation skills continue to improve, and I'm so pleased with the way it's all coming together!

I love to hear what you like about the game!  I don't enjoy hearing what you don't like as much, but your constructive criticism has made the game much better, so keep sending me that too, unless it's something like "You stupid cuck!  Why do you keep putting NTR in the game!"  I'm really tired of comments like that.  

Thanks to all those that support the game!  As much as I enjoy making AFV, I don't think I would feel the motivation to work on it as much as I do without your kind words and financial support!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  You make it possible for me to spend time on something I love!

PS. I've got a nice little teaser for the Best Friend + tiers, but you'll have to find it on the "Best Friend" channel on the Discord.