Creator Shout Out: ThaumX


Accidental Woman by ThaumX

At it's core, Accidental Woman is a life-sim sandbox setting. Rent an apartment, find a job, maintain relationships, decorate your home. Character creation offers you more control over your appearance, skills, and traits than all but a few games I've encountered. Everything you would expect of a solid sandbox setting.

But where this game really starts to stand out is it's presentation. The game is overtly sexual in almost every way while maintaining a playful, almost whimsical atmosphere. Work at the Happy Hucow Farm, stay in contact with friends through Twatter, eat at Fuk Mi Sushi Buffet, or shop at Bordello Boudoir & Beyond. There are a wide range of places to visit, npcs to meet and potentially hook up with, and jobs you can work at. 

The good:
*Beautifully presented setting. Funny, light hearted, and immersive. The whole setting is presented with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that is absolutely charming.
*Lots of control over your actions., letting you do what you want, when you want.
*Good art.
*Decent relationship building.
*Lots of options during sex scenes.

The bad:
*The mental health system can have a somewhat harsh learning curve. You'll want to keep an eye on your mood and what affects it. Once you figure out what affects what, maintaining your health comes fairly naturally.

Honestly, this is among my all time favorite games. I've drawn inspiration from the game, and I play it regularly. I encourage everyone to download the free version of the game, give it a try, and if you like their work, show a little support if you're able.

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 I hope all of you enjoy this game every bit as much as I do!