Dev Update #37

Day 5 story map

Day 5.
The outline and the mapping of day 5 are done. I'll probably still change a few things as I'll write the scenes but for now, I'm happy with what I envisioned.
Day 5 will consist of 19 scenes (maybe 20 as I'm having new ideas as I write this dev update).
I've started writing the first one.

Official android port.
I've made an android port for V0.4.1.
The ability to name saves included in V0.4.1 caused a lot of problems on android so I simply removed it. Testing the build was a real pain in the ass and took me hours. Everything should work. If not, you can report any bug on my discord channel.

V0.4.1 & Gamejolt release, public version.
Summer scent V0.4.1 is now available on Gamejolt and will be available on as soon as I've worked out the filesize limit problem with the staff.
V0.3.5 is now the latest free public version.

Subscribestar goals and rewards.
I think it's time to have a little talk about goals and rewards.

When I originally set up this page, I truly had no idea what to propose as goals and I filled that part with some basic and mostly meaningless content.

  • The first goal is "500$/month - I'll buy more assets." Obviously, I didn't wait to reach that step to buy more assets.

  • The second goal is "4000$/month - I'll work full time on the game." I'm already working full time on the game since the last December.

  • The third goal is "6000$/month - I'll buy a better rendering station." Well, I still haven't changed my hardware, but I'll invest in a new rendering station way before I'll reach that step. As soon as I have saved 5000$ and  Nvidia has released its Ampere products, I'll go for it.

Honestly, I still don't know what is a good goal. I have a feeling it should be something that I give back to the community more than a way to improve the game or my personal life. So I'm asking you. What do you think would be good community-oriented goals?

I have a similar problem with rewards.
I have no idea what to offer, aside from the game and the preview renders. What do you think would be interesting for existing tiers or hypothetic higher ones?
I don't want to offer things that change the game or take too much time to do, like "bonus scene" and so on. A week spent working on this kind of reward is a week I don't spend working on the game itself.

About the credits page.
Also, there is something that I plan to change in the rewards. The "your name on the credits page" part. Right now it's only the level 3 supporters who get it. I plan to change that. Some 5$ supporters who have supported me for months don't have their name on the credits page while they actually gave me way more than several 10$ one-timers that are thanked in the game.
Starting with V0.5, everyone who supported me with 10$ or more in total will be on the credits page.
It may not be important to most of you but I really think that it's important to properly thank everyone.
Of course, if you don't want your name to appear on the credits page, you just have to message me and let me know.

Thank you!

The Naughty Captain.