Dev Update 35


It's done.
V0.4 is out for early access.
Level 3 supporters can download it from this post.
Level 2 supporters will have access to it in 7 days.

A few words about this release.
It's the biggest release so far. The game size is now flirting with the 1 go.
I tried new settings for the renders and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm pretty happy with the level of details and some renders are pretty clean, however, some other renders are very grainy. There's nothing I can really do about it without upgrading my rendering station and I won't do that before the end of this year. I'll have to do with what I have.

About save compatibility :
I've made changes to the asshole path. If you were playing this path you will have to restart your game.
To be clear :
In V0.3.5 you could be a total asshole and still go shopping with the girls. That wasn't intended and is now corrected.
You could also fail the coffee shop test and still receive Kelly phone call. That was also unintended and has been corrected.

Change log :
  • Day 4 content. 480 renders, 44 000 words of dialogue, 8300 lines of code.
  • Some problems with the asshole path have been corrected (see save compatibility).
  • Added an option on Day 2 living room discussion with Cassie. You can now play a true neutral path. No love, no submission, no domination, no asshole behavior. Just a friendly dude. Yes, there will be content exclusive to this path later (as for every other path).
  • The stat tracker should now be activated by default. You can still disable it in the preferences menu.
  • Corrected, some choices too long to display correctly.
  • Corrected, name and text size have been reduced a bit, to allow the use of longer names and contents.
  • Corrected, some typo!
  • Plenty of other things I have forgotten about.

As always, You can report any bug, continuity error, typo and so on on the discord channel.
I'm eager to know what you think about Day 4 content!

I can't thank you enough for your support. 

Thank you for reading me.

The Naughty Captain