Hi folks,
            The hour is finally upon us. Alpha testing has been done. Beta testing feedback received. No longer shall we keep you folks from the expansion. Here is the short and sweet of what you can expect from the patch:
  • New additional story content.
  • New characters introduced.
  • New maps with additional "secrets" for players to explore.
  • New sexual attack variations during combat.
  • New standing art variations.
  • New tilesets. Furthermore, sprites updated to HD standard all across the board. Players will now feel more in sync with a futuristic sci-fi setting.
  • New UI implemented. Saving or loading of content no longer limited during game play sections only. Players can now freely do so during dialogues as well. 
  • New soundtrack added to various sections of the game. 
  • Combat speed enhanced. Players can get through enemies quicker now.
  • Combat balancing tuned further. New craft able mods should make the experience more interesting.
  • Dialogue log initiated. Players can now access missed/old dialogues by a simple click. Presently limited to 20 messages only. 
  • Intro lore extended. Caly's story no longer changes gear abruptly after her rescue.
  • Cinematic changed to a movie file. It's now possible to pause the game with "Enter" or "Space" and skipped entirely by using "Shift".
  • New Galley Mode added. Players can now revisit sexual events that they have already unlocked.

We've done all we can to make this build as bug free as possible. But, if any new issues arise, we'll do our best to patch them according to priority. Critical bugs will be addressed ASAP while any generic bugs will be clubbed together and patch floated to fix them all together.

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing this patch as much as we enjoyed making it!

Kind Regards,
Cursed-Atelier Team