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Pink Bunnies profile
Pink Bunnies
Pink Bunnies
Nether Storm, by Pink Bunnies, is a hentai platformer game where you will have to prove your skills to don't get caught, or... to prove your clumsiness!
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Subscription Tiers

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Tester and Quality

Testers are helpers and their level of restrictions is variable between them.

Limited (4 out of 5) subscriptions
Community ; Tester
per month
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Copper has a delayed access to any version released as beta.

0 subscribers Copper ; Patron
per month
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Bronze has an instant access to any version released as beta.

0 subscribers Bronze ; Patron
per month
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Silver has an instant access to any version released as beta. With this rank they you can tell us some ideas that we will listten and evaluate, like animations or monsters (maximun 1 approved anim/month).

0 subscribers Silver ; Patron
per month
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Gold has an instant access to any version released as beta. With this rank we will listten and create animations for you, also if we don't integrate them in-game, this could be part of your personal gallery (max 1 anim/month).

Limited (0 out of 15) subscriptions
Gold ; Patron


  • Early access to our games, illustrations, and to the Omake.
  • Game: Nether Storm (2D Pixel Platformer)

Recent posts

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Pink Bunnies

Gallery - The Cinema

Posted for $4, $9, $18, $32 tiers
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