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pinchi versus or VS
Illustrator, pseudo-animator and sometimes comic artist.
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Hi-res pictures - Pictures on its original size.
WIP - Previews of my on-going projects.
Sketch gallery - Tons and tons of doodles, sketches and unfinished stuff that most likely won't get posted.
Suggest characters - You can suggest your favorite characters for me to draw.

Some rewards here will be delivered only via Discord.

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  • I draw content from western media, especially cartoons and movies.
  • Join my super secret Discord server so you can check the latest pics and sketches.
  • All characters are +18 even if you think otherwise.

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pinchi versus or VS
First post, best post.

Hey guys!

I'm glad you are here supporting my work, I truly appreciate it. 
I hope soon more people join us. 

I'm not used to post stuff since [email protected] forbidden me to doing so a year ago.  I'm not even sure what I was doing back in the day... I think I just posted a few times a month links to Dropbox folders. 

I suppose I will keep doing that and maybe post some finished stuff from time to time. 

In any case I just want to remain you that all my content will be posted in my super secret Discord server, so be sure to join in using SubscribeStar link.

I will keep working on this page, maybe add a couple more of tiers and probably do a transition from [email protected], to keep it as a secondary option, it will take time though.

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