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Just an-otter human being.
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Small-clawed Otter

It's not about the claws' length, but how you use them.

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Not like the Otters

Can't think of anotter description.

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Prime mustelidae

"Women want me, fish fear me"

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Public post
This is the planned contents for the current project so far. Click to expand.
(yes, I noticed it's not aligned from "Snusnu #2" ahead)
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Public post

Loner onee-san v.0.3 is out!

This is the third demo version I put out there, but a definitive one instead of just my own playtest-grade thing. It goes up to the third lewd event, and includes the first iteration of the credits scene. The download link, as it follows:

So far, we count with:
  •  Around 1½ hour of playtime;
  •  3 mini-games;
  •  3 fully-fledged ero events;
  •  3 extra CGs;
  •  4 different sets of clothes.

See the changelog below (may include spoilers).

What's new?
  •  Fishing mini-game
  • "Sh◯ta Servicing Simulator", a.k.a SSS
  • Paizuri event
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Got cucked by that other platform. Send help.

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This is the amount I currently require to pay for all my living expenses. Which means, upon reaching it I can close commissions or make them exclusive for supporters, so I'll have more time to spend on the eroge projects. Also counts with FANBOX's earnings.

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