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Adult doujins and sexy pics
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Hello everyone, and welcome to new supporters.

This page is now OPEN AGAIN!

This pinned post will be the schedule for rewards processing and will be edited as goal reaching moves forward; so you know when you want to join. Without further ado :

- Around the 1st : The poll takes place for all my supporters (1$ and up ). You have around 5 days to vote. All the ideas in the poll will be chosen by me. On months where I'll draw more than 1 pic (check goals for more info), the pics that have been elected 2nd, 3rd etc. will be drawn too.

- Around the 4th : A new poll take places featuring a list of names of characters. This is the "Supporter's ideas” part of this page. The first spot winning will be the character selected to be drawn similarly to the other 2 pics of the month.

 - Around the 8th : the 1st pic of the month will be uploaded in low resolution here and on my other galleries (HF and Twitter). 

 - Around the 12th : the 2nd pic of the month will be uploaded in low resolution here and on my other galleries (HF and Twitter). 

 - Around the 16th : the 3rd pic of the month will be uploaded in low resolution here and on my other galleries (HF and Twitter).

 - Around the 20th : the 4th pic of the month will be uploaded in low resolution here and on my other galleries (HF and Twitter).

- On the 24th : I ask my 10$ subscribers to send me their ideas for the next month's fusion girls. They have usually around 5 days to do it. 

- Around the 28th : I send the HD version of the fusion girl and of the poll picture to 5$ subscribers. I also send the full HD pack of pics of the month to my 10$ subscribers. At the same time, the HD pack of the previous month is uploaded on Gumroad. (so, for example, on September the 28th, I give my10$ subscribers the September HD pack , and I put the August HD pack on Gumroad.) Note : in order not to drown you guys under messages, I'll create a 5$ post and a 10$ post with the MEGA link to the .zip files containing the HD packs. Those files will be pined so you can access them quickly, and then will be deleted on the following month when they're replaced by the new packs.

- The discord reward can be accessed as soon as you join, so no need to wait for that. 

Thank you again for your time and for your support!

Subscription Tiers

per month
Baby Seby
  • Access to my SS Page ! On which I'll upload all my non private pictures waaaay before I upload them on HF or Twitter! This tier gives you access to those pics before anyone else
  • You'll be able to vote for the ideas that you'd want to see done in the poll pics each month.
SubscribeStar $1.00 tier
per month
Young Seby
  • Same as lower tiers
  • Access to the HD versions of the doujin and poll pics pages drawn this month.
  • Access to my private discord server where I upload my exclusive WIP sketches and Linearts!
SubscribeStar $5.00 tier
per month
Adult Seby
  • Same as lower tier
  • Access to the HD versions of all the pics (doujins + commissions) that I've uploaded this month.
  • You'll contribute to the fusion girl pic(s) each month by being allowed to send ideas for who you want to see drawn.
SubscribeStar $10.00 tier

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.

Creator Stats

63 subscribers
625 posts


With this ammount, the project lives on. Each month I'll be able to draw 1 pic + 1 pinup fusion girl. The pic will be a poll pic you'll all be able to vote for.
With this ammount, I'll be able to draw 1 fusion girl + 2 pics. 1 of the two pics will be a poll pic of the month. Depending on the status of the project, the other pic will either be a doujin page (black and white) or another poll pic.
Things start to accelerate ! 4 pics a month!
to reach
5 pics a month, with 3 poll pics from the patrons!
to reach
6pics a month! Needless to say, when we reach this ammount, if a doujin is in the works , the doujins will be completed a lot faster, wich means more doujins will be done !
to reach
If by any divine intervention we reach that ammount, I'll mostly focus on drawing doujin /comics as much as I can, to the point were commissions will become my secondary source of income. I look forward to it !

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