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Naughty Games


We are Rocco and Jim. We started this page to find people who can support us to produce our own games.

Episode 4 NTR (Free download for ALL) Here

Episode 4 Love (Must be Subscriber $5+) Here

Minigames (Must be Subscriber $25) Here

Why Pledge?

By pledging any amount you are helping us do what we love. In the same you are helping us buy stuff which will help us improve the speed of production and the graphics of the game.

In return you are getting awesome rewards and our eternal gratitude!

Hopefully, one day, with your help we will be able to transform this, from a two-man project into a full-fledged adult game studio. And we will fill your lives with JOY! :D

The game!

We are currently working on "The Spellbook". An adult visual novel with choices that influence game-play. It is easy to play, with lot's of action and humor.

A book that was found by mistake. A spell that was cast by stupidity... Shall be the beginning of an adventure! Will you let things go out of hand?

Will you use it to all the women around you? Make them fall in love with you? Or fail and loose everything?

Download now and make your decisions!

Join our Discord community and get in touch


Disclaimer : All characters in-game are 18+ and they are not related in any way. Neither by blood or by law.

Our Email: [email protected]

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Naughty Games

What is up next?

We have already began making Ep5 NTR route which by the way is gonna rock in my opinion!!!  Hopefully if everything is going to be ok with our health and work we will release it much faster than Ep 4.

Lastly we are preparing something big for this game!

We want to modify it to look more like Summertime saga, Big brother, Man of the house in terms of game play !  

To explain more for those who haven't played these games. We want to make a map of the house, of the city and of everything so this way we will have a quest system and events that will progress with your choices! E.g. At different game times you will be able to visit Nancy at her room, kitchen or work there you will be able to interact with her and request sexual stuff depending on your progress she will agree or disagree. In the NTR route you will be able to visit Nancy e.g. At her work and watch her with Mr Dick (This will unable us to replay scenes and have many many but many of them)

Another example is lets say with Kelly this time! You visit her with x  progress on the main story and at that point she is willing to only give you a Hand Job... BUT once the story progresses depending on your choices she  will be willing to do it...

But I like the game as it is?! I don't want it to change!

We will keep the Visual novel type of game! It will not be changed but it will be used for the main story line~! This way you can always keep playing the story but also you will be able to take a pause and visit Nancy and request lewd stuff as many times as you want. And as the story progresses more Lewd stuff will be unlocked.

This way we can have huge galleries and options with each girl... you will be able to request stuff or watch stuff anytime, you will be able to dress them to your proffered choices and ofc you will be able to vote for any fetish or scene you want! (Oh an we wont make it grindy)

Lastly we want to thank you for your trust and support these months that our life has been difficult you guys rock <3

With Love,

Jim and Rocco

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Naughty Games

Hey guys,

I am happy to announce that Mini-game 3 is here! 

This one is a "Love" mini-game featuring Nancy and Jack. In a small "role-playing" event which of-course has a happy ending! It contains 600+ words, 20 HD renders and the biggest video we ever made!!!! (It is a piece of art, 281 frames! :P)

You can play it here!

With love,
Jim and Rocco

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Naughty Games

This is made by our friend Infidelisoft!

 Swing & Miss is an adult visual novel, or eroge. It is a mostly linear story centered around themes such as swinging, netorare (or cuckolding), moral degeneration, and female domination." 

Trailer (censored): 

See you later guys!

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Naughty Games

WillTylor Games are creating “A Family Venture”

Your caretaker has been put into prison, but he owes a substantial sum to the mafia, now the responsibility to repay the debt falls on his wife Jacky. Will you win her affection by helping her pay the debt, or will you allow the mafia to take what’s owed them in other ways?

Play the latest version for free at

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Naughty Games

NTR Adult Games are creating Animated Adult Games - The Engagement

Hi guys! This is a great game made by our friends! You can try Chapter 01 for free:

Chapter 02 takes place after your Business Trip with Suzie to meet Mr Brie in his town. Everything turns upside down for you when your boss appoints another guy to replace your position. Suzie also becomes his assistant after you are demoted. Will you find a way to get back your position and your girls? Or will you become a loser forever? It's all up to you.

If you like their game, feel free to join them at:

Hope you guys enjoy!

Jim and Rocco

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Naughty Games

Episode 4 (NTR Route)

Windows x32

Windows x64




Thank you for your support,

Jim and Rocco

Subscription Tiers

per month
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-Aliens, they mostly spectate waiting for the right moment to attack!

-Access to backers-only Feed.

-Access to the (free) episode when the next is released e.g. (access to ep.2 when ep.3 is released).

0 subscribers
per month
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Yetis are that rare in backers NSFW area.

-Access to the game 2 weeks after the initial release

-Occasional gifts

2 subscribers
per month
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Sharks know their prey.

-Access to the game 7 days after the initial release.

-Game walk-through.

-Ability to vote for major decisions e.g. in-game scenes, characters, fetishes, etc.

-Occasional gifts!

2 subscribers
per month
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Unicorns are the ultimate tier! They get everything.

-Access to game at release date.

-Access to demos if you want.

-Vote for extra content.

-Mini Games, hardcore scenes, fetiches, animations and more...

3 subscribers


  • For $5, access the game 14 days after the initial release.
  • For $10, Access the game 7 days after the initial release.
  • For $25, Access to game at release date. Plus access to all mini-games.

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Achieving this goal means that we are going to be somewhat independent from patreon and this will offer greater stability to us. As we will be able to make games even if patreon doesnt work!


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