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erotic visual novels
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Hello there, my name is Moraion! I love telling stories and playing around with making games, and so here I am! I'm still learning and trying to improve, so please be patient with me :) Also, I don't have a Patreon because they seem to hate sexual content and kinks.

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- - - Stuck At Home - - -

Progress: Version 0.0.7 - Mia Update
  • Art: 0/??
  • Story: 0/??
  • Code: 0/??

House Remodeling: Version 0.1.0 - Update
  • Expressions Overhaul: 0/5
  • Backgrounds: 7/15
  • Music: 3/6
  • UI: 0/10

  • Jason, the protagonist.
  • Jude, the mother.
  • Mia, the oldest sister.
  • Casey, the younger brother.
  • Chloe, the youngest sister.

Planned Features:
  • Multiple routes, at least one with each character.
  • Outfits and expressions.
  • Animated scenes.
  • Detailed 4k backgrounds.
  • Proper high-quality UI.
  • Ability to move around the house and interact with things.
  • Many different minigames.
  • Calendar system with seasons and holiday events.
  • And more! These are just the first steps.


Stuck At Home v0.0.6a

Stuck At Home v0.0.6a

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Recent posts


v0. 0. 7 and v0. 0. 8 Content Poll - Results

Posted for $1, $2.50, $5, $7.50, $10, $15, $20, $50, $100 tiers
Unlock Tier

v0. 0. 7 and v0. 0. 8 Content Poll

Posted for $1, $2.50, $5, $7.50, $10, $15, $20, $50, $100 tiers
Unlock Tier
Public post

Stuck At Home - 0.0.6a

  • Saturdays will now become 'Family Days' on the second Saturday after the start of the game. Make sure to follow the hints if you get stuck!
  • About 750~ lines of dialogue.
  • 8 new CGs. No new expressions though because I'm focusing leftover funding and time on v0.1.0
  • DDR minigame with 2 difficulties. Pretty bare-bones for now, but will be improved upon later.
  • Also reused the yoga minigame, though that might change in the future.

Small note: The family days are still somewhat unfinished, simply because I lack the resources and time to make them perfect, but they will improve drastically after v0.1.0

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Public post
Alrighty, we're about 1/3rd of the way through with the backgrounds! So I thought I should give you guys a look at one of them :D

Feast your eyes on the upstairs hallway! With doors to the bathroom, Jason's room, and Mia's room!

Doesn't it look more alive than the current upstairs hallway? And wouldn't it be fun to see the doors actually slightly ajar when something is going on? Hmm?
I'm trying to commission about 2 a month right now, but it could be sped up with more support! 
Also in case it wasn't obvious, I downscaled it for you guys, but it is 4k resolution normally!

Also also, make sure to join the Discord server if you already haven't! It's easier to keep track of things there, at least in my opinion :)
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Public post

Stuck At Home - 0.0.5a

  • About 300~ lines of dialogue.
  • 3 new expressions for Chloe as well as 7 CGs.
  • 2 new expressions for Jason.
  • Removed heart eyes from old Chloe art because I have other plans.
  • Typing minigame with 2 difficulties, but no reward for the second difficulty yet.
  • Fixed a bug that hopefully everyone missed ;)
  • Fixed *one* letter in the 0.0.4 dialogue with Casey.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will be increasing the amount for early access after this update is public up to 2,50$ and the time to a minimum of 3 days. I will also be changing some of the other tiers around.
The reason for this change will be hopes of increasing the funding now that there will be enough content in the game to prove that I'm not some sort of scam. After all, out of 1$ I only get cents so it's not really worth it to have early access be that cheap.
There will still be a 1$ tier afterwards that is more of a tip and will have access to #exclusive-burrow on the Discord server as well as development updates (which I do a minimum of 1 per update). This will be the last change to subscribers and tiers, at least for this project and the foreseeable future.
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v0. 0. 6 Content Poll - Results

Posted for $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 tiers
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With this goal, we should be easily able to get 3 CGs a month! That is the minimum amount I would like to have, but more is always better!
At this point we should be able to get 6 CGs a month, which would be amazing! It would speed up the release of updates a lot! Also anything after this, would go to a background artist!
With this goal reached, we can get a new background drawn-up each month and start to re-make the house in the process, opening up new places and scenes!
Wow! By this point, we can easily keep commissioning the art without really needing to worry about planning! After all, this much money could cover a minimum of 11 CGs a month, though some of that would go towards the background artist!
$983 of $1,200
per month
What's this milestone, you ask? Well let me tell you... With this much, I can more or less commission the maximum amount of art per month. About 20~ CGs. However that doesn't mean every update would necessarily have that many CGs. It would still vary from one update to the next, but at this point the updates would be coming out at almost full speed!
$983 of $1,600
per month
Remember the 'almost full speed' in the previous goal? This is the full speed point. After this one I can't work any quicker, but I might just be able to get started on a secondary side project ;)

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