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Monster Girl Dreams
Monster Girl Dreams
Threshold is creating Monster Girl Dreams! Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
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Monster Girl Dreams
Public post
March Status Report - aaaaa
Okay so things are now stabilizing more, and next month should have minimal interruptions. Finally. So-!
This month I finished that stage trap for Ceris I mentioned, made all of Iabel's conversations, drafted up her stage layout, which will likely need some tweaks when I get to it fully, made the Labyrinth completion scene, and have ended up giving Ushris 2 stage traps instead of one cause it woulda been cluttered otherwise.
I've also got Ushris' fight about 40-50% done atm? And the rest of it should go rather smoothly I think.

So what I have left is: remainder of Ushris' fight stuff, Iabel's stage traps and finalized stage, Iabel's fight, and testing/bug checking.
Which means I should be able to finally get this done around the end of April. Ideally sooner.

I'd tease some of Iabel's stuff, but I still wanna stick to keeping her a surprise, even if this has taken well past the point I'd even remotely like. So she doesn't get any screenshots. I will however spoil that she has golden lipstick, I suppose.
I'm greatly looking forward to being done the labyrinth and resuming a more sane work release state for the game, also thank god the capital when I get to it can easily be broken into chunks. You know, not counting all the other problems that've been slowing me down and all that.

Additionally thank you everyone for your feedback on the mimic sketch so far! :D
It will be taken into consideration moving forward, but it will take time for that to continue forward.
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Monster Girl Dreams

Mimic Art Revision Teaser

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