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Monster Girl Dreams
Monster Girl Dreams
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Monster Girl Dreams profile
Monster Girl Dreams
Monster Girl Dreams
Threshold is creating Monster Girl Dreams!Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
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Monster Girl Dreams
Game Version Alpha v23.9b
Mac: Download
v23.9b Patch Data: Download
Android: Download
Alternate Download:

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Discord Server


Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren'Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.

Erotic content contained within is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.
In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.

At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.

Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.

Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!

But you'll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.

Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.
You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.

But that depends on who that monster is.

TLDR Features
- Customize your strengths and weaknesses!
- Sex is combat!
- Monster Girls!
- Loot and equipment!
- An adventuring system!
- Words!
- Backgrounds!
- Cuddling!
- Modability! (That's a word right?)
- Character art!

Character Artists
Jiffic - Pixiv
Applehead - Twitter - Deviant Art
Plasmid - Patreon - Twitter
Houpo - Personal Site - Deviant Art
NickBeja - Deviant Art - Patreon
Kenshin187 - Twitter - TwitterSFW - Mastodon
ADOPOLICH - Twitter - Pixiv
㋔谷 - Twitter - Website - Pixiv
Elakan - Twitter
Crescentia - Twitter - Newgrounds

High quality art repository for 5$ subscribestars.

Release Schedule
Depending how things go it will range roughly between weekly to a maximum monthly.
Releases will always be available for everyone.
Overall Content Plans

I have the intent to allow the game to be relatively easy to mod. Which will allow people to make their own enemies, skills and items. Basically everything. Including adding images to enemies and scenes.
Good luck if you decide to try modding it! There's a guide in the game's download for those interested.

More Modding Information here!

I want you to fund me because you want to fund me.
I am not going to stagger or delay releases for non-funders.
I am not going to pressure you into giving me money.
...Unless you count poll voting?
Or High quality character art for your viewing pleasure.

Which could range from minor details such as a characters name to what kind of monster a  boss should be. In other cases I will ask what you think I should focus on next. I will generally use these to focus on priorities but will get to all items on the poll eventually. Some polls will be binding decisions, for example choosing names, what wins will be the final decision. Other polls, like a feature to add in, may not be binding and I may need to scrap it if it simply doesn't work.
It will be stated what kind type each poll is. 

Subscription Tiers

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Watchful Harpy - Followers Tier

Join for free to receive email notifications about new posts submitted to paid tiers. Because there was a button that told me to make this.

0 subscribers
per month
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Chosen Hero

The first reward tier. It's only a dollar! If you want to pay more I can't stop you! But it would be very helpful!

-Gain access to the teaser posts! Which will contain information on upcoming updates. -Vote on polls whenever they happen! -A yellow name in the discord server! -My thanks!

0 subscribers
per month
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The Goddesses' Champion

This tier is for the more dedicated fans of the game who want to support it more!

-With it, you will gain access to all of the art for all of the characters in their original, high quality formats!
-This will include character art variants that I may not have put in the game yet, so you can get a sneak peek of what’s coming soon! -This will include all the art, which means that as soon as lewd CG begins to be made, they will be available for download as well!
-Everything from the Chosen Hero tier. -You also get access to an additional thanks. That's double the thanks! (Note: Thank's have no monetary value but their sentimental value is incalculable.)

P.S. - You can't put this art into the game and have it work out.

There's a reason it's not in the game at max quality.

P.P.S. - Additionally access to this art is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce, post it, or use it for commercial use.

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  • You get to see teaser posts! And do polls!

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Monster Girl Dreams

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Monster Girl Dreams

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Monster Girl Dreams

High Quality Art Repository LinkLink Here! Remember it's for personal use

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Monster Girl Dreams

Monster Girl Dreams Content Plans-Will be updated as the game progresses and if I think of other ...

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