[Public] Our Apartment Preview b22: Basic Saving, Ask Naomi, Sex Sim Conclusion, More Dynamic Dialogue, and More!


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The Post

FINALLY, I'm doing the public release properly, all platforms, WebGL and all. As of writing it's just windows but I'll be making builds (and probably still fixing stuff) all day today. So keep track of this post for your platform! I may stream today, I'm not sure, I'm exhausted and I'll explain in a bit. But if you see this post, click here to see if I'm streaming
Originally I wanted to have this released the day Our Apartment page came out on steam but sadly I couldn't get the URL in time. So I figured I'd spend the down time adding some content. That was a bit of a mistake in terms of time. Cause the past week I've had a hell of a time getting this release out. Just problem after spontaneous problem. At first it was a rendering glitch that I lost a day to, and then issues with the saving system breaking a bunch of things. Otherwise it would have just been my usual nitpicks and fixes (Found a big one while typing this post ffs).
But I think things are more or less fine now, and I'm ready to start doing the actual builds like 4 days later than I planned lol.
Also you might notice the build number jumped from 20 to 22, 21 was a preliminary release fixing some issues and I think I forgot to actually post that anywhere but on the discord supporter channel (If you don't have access to the supporter channel please let me know).  Sorry about that. This build is so different from that one I decided to up the number again. 21 might have been the public release if I didn't get so ambitious.

Whats new?

There's actually quite a lot new for this build! Mostly dialogue focused! Keep in mind this includes none of the environment updates I've been working on, this is a branch of the last build release instead. The environment stuff still needs a lot of work to be functional even though it looks good currently. 
  • Current outfit now saves! This can be a bit iffy, but should work more or less fine? But basically the current outfit items selected SHOULD load when the game is closed and reopened. 
  • New "Ask Naomi" scene! Taking questions some of you have asked and combining some, experience some character dialogue to get a better sense of who Naomi is. This is also a demo of how some dialogue scenes will play out when a simpler setup is needed. For now Naomi just goes through poses, but in the future she'll be more animated.  
  • New conditional dialogue for Sex Sim! Thanks to some writing help from Valaska a lot of conditional dialogue has been added! Which also means Naomi goes through more expressions during sex sim. This also means I needed to fix how the game tracks values and passes it to the dialogue system. So dialogue, sounds, and voices now change based on "H level" and "Intensity" of sex. Please understand this dialogue is based on cowgirl, so not all of it makes sense in context for now. 
  • New "Conclusion" button for sex sim. A new button added to the bottom left ends sex sim with dialogue rather than simply returning to menu. Dialogue for this changes based on things done in sex sim, and there's 7 concluding dialogue separately for both Cow Girl and From Behind. For now it's a basic scene, but in the future I'd like it to be more in-context with the scene.
  • Some new music added by PureGem!
  • Improved audio mixing and SFX triggers. The game may be much louder than before, but also much more balanced. Master volume works again btw.
  • Wide variety of bug fixes and adjustments, including issues that may have prevented loading and crashes in previous builds. SSAO no longer comes at a major performance cost at 4K.

What Issues?

I've had such a freakish week of discovering issues there could still be something critical I haven't seen yet. If you see something thats especially a big deal please let me know. There is a few notes...
  • Loading screen/ Splash screen probably won't work like before. Or it might show on first load but not after... but breaking this fixed the rest of the game so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I know the "Show me your Boobs" question does not work for Naomi's shirt dress and probably some other outfits. :P But you asked and I'd have to add function to guarantee boobs. 
  • There is a possibility opening and closing the game too quickly will cause the outfit to be saved as nude somehow.

What next?

Like I said I'll be working on the rest of the builds, then I'll be back on environment stuff again (probably after a break). I don't have anything else to talk about until thats done or close to it.
The only thing I really have to do  is the "driving in car" scene, but thats it. The "Out in Town" scene is option and I can do that further down the line or just over time. Cause besides story stuff I wanna add more outfit content asap.
I also really want to finish Alex to prepare for the side project... 
That may come after February but we'll see. 
Oh an one final thing is URP 10 now has proper support for SSAO, so that update may come as well depending on when Unity 2020.3 LTS launches. That would allow for a major visual improvement cause right now SSAO is muted else you would see polys on Naomi and I would prefer the effect be a lot smoother. 

Thanks for your support and please share! 

I know I've been very low key for a while, but now I'm trying to push for more awareness now! So if you enjoy Our Apartment please share it around!