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Maximus Jandari
Maximus Jandari
I make smut in Blender
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Maximus Jandari
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Update 10: A change of plans

Sooooo, You guys remember all that talk about how I'd have a nice streamlined approach and like, I could have the voice work ready right away so I could start work on the next anim as soon as the last one was done?

Yeahhhh that did not pan out like.... at all... There was some script finalisation due and I was struggling to get in touch with one of the VA's, It's not a huge delay since I had to get my model on for some new assets anyway, but still, it did throw a bit of a wrench in my plans.

One of the VA's was a little booked up and so I decided to divert and prioritise the Mercy X Aimee animation next instead, I sure hope nobody minds.

AIMEE Doesn't mind

The universe is focused on machines on everybody as a whole so, this was always going to be content that arrived sooner or later, plus I know there's a couple that have been after some insemination play.

Mercy doesn't either

I've been actively working on this the last couple of days so, what you see in this post can be considered previs, I'm not sure on all the devices AIMEE will employ, the AIM MU you can see above is a rolling ball thing inspired by a robotic massage arm.

I feel it's thematic, but a bit bulky, and I like the image of lots of tools at AIMEE's disposal, however not wishing to make the same thing again (Sana's tentacle scene), and I also want to make things that look like they conventionally work too. Hence vibrators, dildos and such, I'm considering another device for direct nipple play.

But the scenes a bit busy already, the arms being as big as they are kind of limit my options for high density stimulation, it's possible I'll need to adjust the setup a little bit, which shouldn't be a problem, since you'd expect AIMEE has dedicated spaces for this kind of activity.

So naturally, all of this is subject to change.
Apart from all the cumming, there will be lots of cumming.

It's a fun script and I'm looking forward to making a start, I'm waiting for the voice work to start animating, but there's enough to keep me busy in the mean time, in the above image for example, you can see the arm segments are clipping.

This was because the chair was originally designed for male bodies, what with girls being a little bit daintier, when adjusted to Mercy's arm length that put the cuffs well beyond her actual wrist.

So, that model needs a bit of work on it anyway and I'm gonna fiddle with the other tools to get everything ready whilst I wait for the voice work.

Expect something highly erotic and a little amusing, probably a couple months for this one there or thereabouts, usual kind of turnaround for me.
The colouring on that dildo is purely co-incidental, and no I'm not going to replace her with TIfa.

On the plus side though the script for EP5 is finalised, and the voice work is already ordered and in the pipeline, and I've a good amount of the high focus assets ready for it already, so Ep5 should be a smooth enough transition, however it will have a likely significantly longer production period, because the story segmented ones tend to be more complex by nature, what with all that pesky exposition and whatnot.

EP5 contents will be back to A414 and his penis and all the things that are going to happen to it.

I'm going to whack a pole up on the discord server shortly after posting this so head on over if you get a minute, I just want to gain an understanding of where my audience is sitting with regards to the planned production schedule. 

A continued thanks to all my supporters, and thanks for reading!
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Maximus Jandari

BCD: Mechanically Insistent PleasureDownloadEnjoy!

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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