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NSFW (mostly) artwork by yours truly.
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Thank you for your charity, Cavalier.

Welcome to the community!

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Welcome to the guild, Merchant!

Once again, thank you for your support! Once I can get the polling function to work, I'll add that to this tier as well.

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Like Merchants, but with priority sketches privilege!

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  • I draw. Mostly NSFW, but sometimes not.
  • I'll draw anything that is not a minor.
  • Well, maybe not EVERYTHING, but I think we can negotiate.

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I set up SubscribeStar as a support method. If you wish for a Commission, please contact me on Discord, email : [email protected], here on SubscribeStar, or Twitter. Payments for those can be made on Wise (Maybe PayPal too, if they reverse their policy back to what it was in the past).

Commission rates are as follows

* 1 Character, lines only ; 15 $
Additional Character ; Additional 5 $

+ Actual background, depending on detail ; 5-10 $

+ Color - Additional 50% of the full price (Ex. 2 Characters = 30 $)


* In case of one character + color; Round down to 20 $ (From 22.5 $)

* Decimals are rounded down. (Ex. 37.5 $ => 37 $)

* In case of a batch of 6 images; Pay for 5 images.
In case of differing prices within a batch, the cheapest one is free.

Instant NO

- Loli/Child-like characters
- Real People
- VTubers (Only for R-18/R-18-G stuff, normal is ok)
- Male x Male stuff
- Furry stuff
- Maybe some other stuff I forgot to add.
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