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Hey there~ I'm the dev of Keepers, an Adult VN
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  • A game with very deep lore and character progression
  • Various uncensored, fantasy, mostly bottom events and "bad" endings
  • The game will always be for free~

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The new version is out! Sorry that it took me so long~V. 0. 4a:Changelog:-281 New Renders (~1420 ...

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The latest update is out now:

    -H-Gallery now available! (Warning: Replays are complete versions. Means most path specific dialogue is inside it (Including NTR were aplicable) and unimportant content got cut out.

    -~234 New Renders (1.145 Total!)

    -~25k new words (114k words total including replays)

    -5 New H-events

    -3 new bad endings

    -Discord suggestion: 2 of the 1st exam's slaves are back! 3rd one joins in the next version

    -Discord suggestion: Toru makes herself ready for the next mission

    -Quality update to most new renders. (I start to get good at it)

    -Again 1 new render with a secret hint. A bit easier to find this time.

Pc & Linux version: x

Mac version: x
(Since I want to save space on my mega account the older versions are no longer accesible. If you, for whatever reason, want an older version of the game message me~)

For those who Don't know what this is:

Keepers 1 is an adult visual novel about a young woman that gets transformed into a monster girl and wants to find out why this happened to her.
The game features very dark and depressing scenarios so if you have personal problems with these things I highly recommend to not play the game -> Looks cute but has in a lot of serious dark fantasy themes.
English is not my native language and this game is more or less a hobby project so don't expect a shiny masterpiece (for now at least).

The game features:
-A lot of bad endings -> most of them include very depressing things or the protagonist ending up in various sex situations.
-Very deep lore -> If you're the kind of person who skips dialog very fast you won't understand most things later on. The sex scenes involve detailed lore so understanding it is important.
-Main tags: Femdom, Futanari, Rape, Mindbreake, Corruption.
-Semi-avoidable NTR Warning! Either your loved one or your friend has sex in a later update with someone else. 

The game has about 100k words as of this update, resulting in about 10h of reading time.

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