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Hey there~ I'm the dev of Keepers, an Adult VN
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~Keepers 1 v1.1 Update~


-Easy route mode: The game no longer checks for stats and just asks if you want a specific ending once it triggers.
-Main route mode: The game has 0 choices and follows the true/intended path with the "revolution" ending replaced by the True end (I also included a skip stop at the point in which the true end starts for those who just want to skip through to see the true end.)

Both game mode unlock after beating the game for the first time (after the credits) To activate either mode start a new game. You'll get asked if you want easy mode and after that if you want the main path mode. (Answering no to both just starts a normal new game)

Added a couple lines of dialogue and lowered difficulty for the true ending~




(Android version now has the bonus folder seperately inside the zip)

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Thanks a lot for all this support~

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  • A game with very deep lore and character progression
  • Various uncensored, fantasy, mostly bottom events and "bad" endings
  • The game will always be for free~

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Public post
~Big Miuki h-event
~2nd Mission
~2nd mission side quest preview
~Start of Miuki's harem route
~Miuki vs. Rumi fight

~Changed Sakiko's name color (was too similar to Rei)
~Fixed a bug in Yukines 2nd scene if the timer runs out.
~Smaller grammar corrections to some older stuff
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Public post
~Keepers 2 v0.2.2 ch.2 Update~

A lot of lewd stuff got added here and I got it all done in less than a month ;3
This update was quite complicated to make with a shit ton of flags to keep track of. There is a high possibility that there are bugs. I highly suggest that you make a couple backup saves. I hope the playtesters and I found everything but you can never be completely sure about that :<




Have fun~ ;3

Full changelog:
v0.2.2 ch.2
~First holidays
~New Toru scene and ending
~New Komuri scene and h-event
~New Yukine scene and h-event
~New Hibuki lewd scene
~New Aurelia Lewd scene
~New Tia scene and h-event

~Maids introductions.
~New Lexi & Lexa event and h-event
~New Narume event and h-event
~New myougi event
~New Leyla event
~New Marcie event

~Maids entry(first half) Added to the phone

~Thanks to a bug in the last update Torus and Yukine's scene didn't played out when you started a new game. Because of that you're able to visit them twice for this update only!
(results in yukine telling you to come back later in her first scene but immediately lets you visit her after. This will be removed in the next update!)
~Added to vampire entry: able to transform non lethal body parts.
~Corruption stat is now color coded. Corruption of 100 or higher means ending~ (Not possible and not implemented currently)
~Changed discord and subsribestar render size because they blocked some buttons while saving/loading
~Fixed Somnia's entry (After 4 updates she still had her copy pasted test note x.x)
~Removed replay function on every queen page -> all replays are in the main gallery
~Fixed changelog lines
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Public post
Keepers 2 v0.2.1 ch.2 is out~




Have fun~ ;3

        ~Chapter 2 (includes 1 bad end)
        ~1 h-event in main story (Corruption locked. There will be more chances to get it later on.)
        ~Tournament match 1 and 2.
        ~Marika backstory
        ~New option for special menu

        ~Changed Tenko entry slightly (won't be on the test ;p)
        ~Komuri phone entry flag had the wrong name. (play a couple lines to get it fixed)
        ~A Natsumi flag also got updated wrong. (Also fixes itself after a couple new lines)
        ~Fixed double dialogue on Shina's date
        ~Fixed Natsumi mentioning you haven't visited her althought you did
        ~Fixed special menu throwing you back in time
        ~Added a huge amount of new flags needed for future content

    Known Issue: New species entries not getting updated immediately. You have to enter the species list twice for it to update once you get a new entry.
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Keepers 2 v0. 2. 0-ch. 1 is out~ Again: I'm sorry that it took so long. I already mentioned what ...

This post also includes Mega.NZ content links
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~Keepers 2: Shaterred Realms v0.1 ch.1 is finally out~

Struggling to meet the expectations people have of the new princess and protagonist she finaly gets old enough to go to school to become a keeper.
On her adventure she'll eventually uncover secrets which even the former queen was unable to figure out.
Not knowing, that everything is against her from the very moment she was born.
A lot of new and old faces await you. Will they change the princess or not...

Meanwhile -in a very distant and foreign realm- a cow girl without any memories about her past begins her journey, not knowing that people are after her...



For those who are new:
The game is split in 2 stories that will meet near the end. Both continue the events of keepers 1 so both are equaly important.

The main story is a mostly linear and set story with smaller side content which -depending on your actions- can turn out differently, getting you closer of further from your favourite girl.
The main story will not be as dark as the prequel -and will even have a lot of more funny moments- but will still deal with very depressing stuff if the story is far enough. You've been warned!

The side story comes in chapers with it's own Protagonist. Each chapter is independent of the former one and continues the story with very little choices in each off them which either end your adventure or continue it (or give you an h-event with no consequences to the story ;3).
The side story is where all the very dark stuff happens.

Main story:
-4 romancable heroines.
-Ntr completely avoidable
-Incest avoidable
-Futanari Avoidable (means a pure lesbian path is possible. This doesn't mean that you won't see other futa's fucking though but I'll probably make these scene skippable. You as the protagonist can stay a lesbian throughout the whole game.)
-Harem route possible (although you'll be the sub)
-Being a part of a harem is possible.
-No stat grinding (as in the prequel and for romancable characters (no endless repeating of the same scenes over and over to gain affection))


-Endings and h-events are marked with colors and are always locked behind choices. Stats won't lock you in a bad ending this time. I learned and listened to the reactions of keepers 1~
-A "phone" to keep record of information. (Includes a glossary with important terms to know about the Keepers universe collected from the game's Discord community)
-The game will open up bit by bit. Visit the queens from keepers 1 and challenge them. (Or submit to them~)
-Invest time with your maids to gain information on how to beat their former queens. (comes in a later update)
-Group up with other teams on missions. This influences how much the heroins like you. (comes in a later update)
-Visit other teams members. Want to go and have some fun? Some students are probably always ready and horny~ (comes in a later update)

-Note: v0.1 is just the introduction and tutorial to most characters. There's a small part in which you can already go to certain queens though.
Currently the story is very linear like in keepers 1 with only small choices which don't affect important things later in the game (There's one person who you can start to have sex with though)
Also 1 ending is already available.

Side Story:
Chapter 1 is available in v0.1 and comes with one bad ending(simple choice based). Chapter 2 is planned for version 0.2b. Planned are about 12 chapters.

English is not my native language. So expect to find a couple typos here and there. (although I got new proofreaders now. Humans make mistakes~)
As a last note: The phone is currently still worked on and iskept very simple as of now.
~Have fun~

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