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Lone Hermit
Lone Hermit
Greetings, I'm Lone Hermit, and I'm creating Adult Visual Novels. My first VN called "Tempest" is in development.
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Lone Hermit
Tempest (Prologue in development)

Welcome to Tempest. A medieval visual novel set in the 1300s. The novel takes you the hero, through the continuing war of angels. The war of angels has direct impact on the world of man, and you as the MC will play a critical part in battling the evil that roams the world and protect those you love and have sworn to defend. The novel uses a skill and attribute system to make decisions on paths taken through the story. This keeps from having to ask you every other scene to make a decision. Your actions through the story will impact your skills and your attributes and are hidden, so only by changing actions can you change the path you take.

The prologue is currently under development. It is a long prologue compared to most you will have experienced, due to the extensive background that needs to be woven for the MC. The novel also has an Asian tint to it, simply because I like mixing and matching various historical attributes into the story.

Many scenes, especially those of a sexual nature are animated, which adds to the complexity of the development.

I am doing all the writing, 3D rendering, and programing for this project. I spent my career as a software developer, system tester, and project manager for Bell Labs for 30 years, and I still get a thrill out of making software happen.

Any support received will be greatly appreciated as this is kind of my retirement job :). Patreons will get exclusive content here, and early release of the updates as they become available. Also you will get to vote on various plot and story developments, thus helping contribute to the Novel's diversity.

I hope you will take the time to follow the development and support the effort. I'm shooting for the end of September for the release of the Prologue.  After that, I would like to do a chapter every 2 months. But that will be subject to complexity of branches, and any unforeseen hurdles.

Welcome to my world.

Lone Hermit.

Lone Hermit
Public post

To fully populate a city scene with actual avatars was just simply beyond my rendering rig capabilities.  Thankfully, Now-Crowd Billboards came to the rescue at a great price and works enough to be presentable.

Still working on an end of September release to patrons of the Prologue.

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