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Dr.Pepper Enthusiast|(N)&SFW Artist|Novice Animator|Youtuber (Beginner)
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Thank you! From here you get access to the Discord server! You also get access to all drawings, doodles, and videos, and other projects days before posting publicly!

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You get previous rewards and you get access zipfile of all the artworks from the past few months!

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You receive previous rewards and you also access works in progress and speedpaint videos!

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Yay! Not only you get all previous rewards, but you also get access to raw file of my artworks, request tutorials and videos, and you can commission me one sketch character!

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The Golden Can of Discord

Ah yes, now you hold the power of chaos. From here, you have not only the previous rewards but you can commission me for one single character colored sketch per month!

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If those who haven't known me within in the community, my workspace is kinda poor. I want to upgrade from a folding table and sitting on a bed everyday to sitting on an actual working chair and desk. Plus, I want to upgrade from my potato laptop that has helped me through these years to a whole new desktop so I can finally feel in a comfortable environment to stream on Twitch for your guy's entertainment and make content!

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