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Daily-ish Ecchi/Hentai/Fetish Art and Fanfiction
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Welcome one and all to my SubscribeStar!

My name is Laprasking, I have been drawing and writing for over a decade now. In 2015 I opened a Patreon that has grown into a success story, helping me towards my dream of doing this for a living. Then in 2020, I expanded by opening a Pixiv Fanbox geared more to the Asian Countries.

Today, I extend that dream by opening a SubscribeStar! 

Why open a SubscribeStar when your Patreon is doing so well I hear you ask. Well, mainly as an alternative (And back up, because you never know with Patreon these days) for those that rather use SubscribeStar than having to deal with Patreon. 

What do I draw? Many different Transformation and Fetish art including Gender Bender, Hypnosis, Latex/Rubber, Age Regression, Bondage, Yuri, and others! As well as general Ecchi/Hentai art. 

Over my Patreon's years of service, I generated over 2,000 uploads with many artworks and fanfiction, so it will take awhile for most of my content to be uploaded here as well. 

The plan is to get several artworks from the past 3 years, when I upgraded to Tablet Drawing, onto SubscribeStar pretty soon, along with the New Character Sunday sketches every Sunday, then we'll see where we go from there. ;) 

For now, be sure to follow this gallery to get alerted when I launch this gallery for more regular posts. 

For now if you want to check out my content right now, consider visiting my Patreon, Fanbox, Deviantart,, Pixiv or Twitter pages (Same username). ;) 

Whether you've just discovered me or have followed me for years, I hope you will consider joining me in this newest venture to get me closer to my dream! :)
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