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Developing Ataegina
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Kthulian Games
Hello and welcome to my page, here you can find the latest Ataegina version. I do this for fun, the game is Free, if I earn some money while doing what I like, I'll take that deal every day.
Everyone can play, nothing will be hidden behind paywalls, if you can support me I'll be very grateful and will use the money to improve the game... Well... I may spend a buck or two buying beer and strippers.

You can also visit me here at my website (usually the latest Stable Version is there) or buy me a coffee

Here is the link for the latest Ataegina version.

Ataegina V0.3.2 for PC
Ataegina V0.3.2 for Mac
Ataegina V0.3.2 for Android


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Thank you! You are helping me develop Ataegina!

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Top Student

Thank you!! That cash sure is helpful, I promise not to spend it all buying candies

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Thank you so much! 5 bucks? I can have a Big Burguer now!! won't be starving today!

1 subscriber
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Elite Mage

Thank you a lot!! You must really love me, do you? I feel loved

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Holy shit! Really?! I can't thank you enough... Can I marry you? Wait are you a cute girl? nah... Who am I kidding..

1 subscriber


  • You will get the latest playable version of Ataegina, you get it so soon that you'll probably get some bugs and all that good stuff :p

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