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Jafar in his genie form - Princess trainer: Jasmine


Even though he doesn't appear in this form often, we needed it for the times he comes out of the lamp like the start of the game.


he's big, bigger than the screen. 24.png

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Our hero - Princess trainer: Jasmine

26.png Our hero has a proper design now. now, that's sexy...23.png Doesn't he look great? I bet you can't wait to see his naked body twisted around a princess like a tree trunk around a vine of morning glory, with a lustful smile on his face. Till then, here's a preview, one article of clothing removed.


visit our patreon for more:

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Stats, leveling and points - Princess trainer: Jasmine


My approach to the basic stats is a bit different that what you can usually see in most other games, The aim isn’t realism though, it’s thinking logical and choosing the attributes that make sense.

There are five plus one main stats in the game

1- Health, Equivalent of physical and mental health / capacity Health indicates how much punishment a character can endure before collapsing.

2- Mana, Equivalent of information and magic tricks a character can perform Even though magic exist in the game’s world, it’s not readily available to most people. When we talk about mana, it’s one's capability of doing magic tricks or some hidden skill so advanced that is perceived as magic. This stat restricts the magical attacks when low.

3- Stamina, Stamina indicates how much physical exercise a character can do before running out of breath and needing to rest, luckily humans can regenerate stamina very fast. This stat restricts the physical attacks when low.

4- Power, Power is the measure of… well, power behind a characters attack, be it physical or magical.

5- Agility, An agile character have a better chance of dodging, parrying or blocking an attack, that includes mental agility to counter magic attacks.

+1 Armor, Armor is the main stat that a character gains from armor pieces. As for their effect on other staff, it’s usually negative, the heavier the armor a character wears, the more limitations they impose on agility, power and a big penalty on mana and stamina.

And the stats that don’t exist in the game:

Intellect, This is a stat the player should have, not the character

Defense, Agility pretty much covers this.

Strength, It’s the same thing as power.

Resistance, People with different amount of resistance to different elements exist, but the amount of resistance is so small, it’s negligible. The only thing that have a big impact is the amount of information you have will create a big resistance to fall for magic trick, but the information is already covered in mana. The more mana you have, the less effect magic has on you.

Levels and points: The leveling is very simple, you need a fixed amount of experience to get one level, it doesn’t change as your level rises, instead, you get less experience from beating enemies much lower than your own level. You get points to spend every level you advance, it starts with a high amount and shrinks with each level you advance. Eventually you reach a point that you only get one point per level. This way no character is too overpowered and beating high level enemies becomes accessible very early in the game while there’s always an extra mile to go if you want to become stronger and stronger.

Get involved: Since only programmers enjoy tweaking numbers, I wrote the archetype generator tool to help us generate different types (classes) of characters in a visual way, See the video here: If you’re interested in participating in character generation, you can download this tool to start with. PC: Mac:

The way it works is: you can tweak the amount of chance for each point to go to a stat, give it a name and copy it to paste in the comments. It would help to explain the reasons why this class should be in the game and why the point distribution should be like that for that class, but not necessary. I’ll take whatever you give. Just keep in mind that there’s a limited number of classes we can put in the game and your suggestion might have a slim chance to make the cut.

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Archetypes (character classes) Princess trainer: Jasmine

Unlike many games that raise the players stat by fixed amounts each level, the Leveling system in our game is designed the way that let's the player choose the stat they want to improve. No more classes for the player, it's a create your own class game.

But, for the non player characters we need a different approach. we need to define their stats one by one, or do we? I'm writing the code that will spend the level-up points for any NPC randomly and creates a different experience for each player or play-through.

However, pure random often yields meaningless results, mana-less wizards, guards with low health, less agile thieves or beasts with tons of mana. The solution is blueprints, classes, archetypes. but not a set of rigid numbers. instead, the classes provide different amount of chance for the points to be spent on each stat for every archetype.

This video is from the first tool I've created to give you a visual representation of the numbers while defining a new archetype. if you want to try it and create your own set of archetypes, join our discord or keep an eye on the patreon page, I'm writing the documentation about the stats, their effects and I'm creating builds of the tool to put up for download.

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Sketch of sketchy vendor Hashim

001.png In the alley near bazaar you can find this vendor selling homebrew beer, wine and moonshine. JokaLova is working on the vendors, their names, their looks and what they sell. let's see how many vendors we can come up with and fit into the game. you can find more about our game on: Most of the posts are public and free to view.

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Our princess is taking shape, Princess trainer: Jasmine


For a game about princess Jasmine, we took out time to get to her, but finally, we have her. Of course, you'll have to work your way up to her. but she will be there for you.


We are working on her and fitting her for the game, here's a size comparison on how she looks in the game.


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We have art for Princess trainer: Jasmine


I'm glad to announce that we have JiangShi onboard as our main artist. He is burning a hole through our budget that is totally worth it. He draws exactly the style we where looking for and he is fast.

Here's his sketches on a background from google as mock-up to show the size we decided for the characters. 8.jpg

I don't want to spoil too much but soon, The placeholders in the demo will be replaced with real art and we will have a real demo for you to play,

In the mean time, he also drawn icons for the patreon tiers. you can see them in our patreon page and here's the sketches: 10.png

Now to persuade you to reach for your wallets, let me ask you this: Do you feel like a Sultan, a wizard or a most powerful Genie bending the universe to your will?

Visit JiangShi's patreon to see more of his art:

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Progress report Princess trainer: Jasmine

The past few days I've spent fixing the bugs in the inventory system, since it's all fixes to the code, there no visual change in the game and I have nothing to show for it, but here's what changed beneath the hood:

  • Now the items won't disappear randomly while shopping
  • The missing item icons after the first ten or twelve is fixed
  • The inventory no longer depends on an external function and all calculations are done from within the the same class
  • The items now stack correctly
  • Implementing multiple bags is easier now

I'm thinking about disconnecting the inventory from characters class so it can be added to any character without the need for changes to the units class, the basic class is already isolated, all I have to do is cutting the cord and create a new instance for it. but let's leave it to the time that the units class have became too complex.


As a side note, I've changed most of the item icons from ugly images to a style that fits the game better. Most of those icons came from and look good enough to stay in the game in case we don't find artists to design an icon set for us. those that I've crossed should be changed and we will need more, much more items.

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Princess trainer: Jasmine GUI update

I was working on the fighting system, then I started designing an HP bar for it and soon I found myself designing a new dialogue box. Not sure how I drifted from coding to design but it happened and I'm glad it did. Now we have a dialogue box that fits the rest of interface and with a little change to the font color, it would be easier to read.

There's lots to fix before the fighting system is functional, but now, I have something to show me if the code works.

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work for free on Princess trainer Jasmine

Alongside the paid roles, we have some minor roles you can take and do for free. if you don't have drawing skills, yet you want to contribute to this project. we have work for you to do. there would be no money involved and all you'll get is a mention in the credits.

Icon artists:

we might be able to pay for this one later on, but at the moment, all of our budget goes to the art. you will be in charge of icons for the items, spells, skills, buffs, achievements and anything else with an icon.

Items, spells, skills, buffs and achievements creator:

we will have many items and (other things mentioned), in the game that need a small package of information. like a name, a description, effects and value. Your job would be thinking of those and writing them into the game.

Side characters creator:

We also have many side characters that need a name, a place, a list of items they carry or sell and other information about them.

Enemy creator:

Since it is possible to fight every character, side character or unit in the game, this one would be the same as side character creator with the difference that the focus would be on the unit's levels, skills and fighting style.


There's other places that need attention like adjusting the minigames, writing the book items content and writing the smaller events in the game.

Even if none of those interests you, you can join our discord server, for the times we need players opinion on something.

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Our first artist on Princess trainer: Jasmine project


We have our first character artist onboard and we're exploring his art style to fit the game.


JokaLova is a very private artist and haven't shared much with internet yet, but I have a feeling we will see much more from him in the future.

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A very very early demo of Princess trainer: Jasmine

We've built the first developer demo today, this demo is meant for the developers to get an idea how the game mechanisms work and how the story proceeds. Since we consider you, the player as a part of our team and we depend on your input, we decided to share even this early build with you. Just keep in mind that:

  • This is not a game demo yet, it's just a skeleton or framework we will build the game on.
  • We don't have an artist yer and every drawing is simply a placeholder drawn by a team member with no artistic talent.
  • There's no sound or music yet.
  • The story is in early stages and needs lots of improvement.
  • The writing needs to be checked for grammar mistakes and typos when we get writers on board.
  • The text tags for readability are not added yet.
  • We haven't chosen a font for the text yet, the current font does not look good.
  • Most of the interface has no design yet.

Visit our patreon page for more information and download links:

It's free to download

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princess trainer jasmine Day-Night cycle

We have a clock to keep track of the time, Well... not a clock per se, a day-night cycle tracking device. screenshot0004.png This clock will be running whenever the game isn't in a story mode and time will pass whether you do anything or not, this means you're not limited to a number of actions per day and you can do more if you play faster and more efficient. Naturally, there will be different things to do at different times of the day. shops will close at night and a more sinister side of Agrabah will crawl out of the dark corners. Now the question is: how long should each day be in real time?

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Hiring an Artist

I've been looking for an artist to start us with some line art, It is hard to find non-anime artists these days but we're going to find an artist with the right art style for our game. here's the artist guide I've put together our artist needs to follow:

If you're an artist interested in this position, contact me on skype: kiaazad

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Take a peak behind the progress princess trainer jasmine

How hard can it be to put some pictures and sound together and make a game? that was my attitude towards games before I became a game developer, but as soon as I started making games myself, I found out about a whole range of work that don't even show up on our radars.

one of these works is researching and constructing guidelines to hand over to the artists. Working with a team means separate brains have to work together as one, and the main problem here is: the communication methods are too rudimentary. In absent of telepathy and direct brain link technology, we humans are forced to convert our ideas into sound, text and drawings, pass it to others to convert them back. this means once the idea reached the destination brain, it would transform into a whole new thing, hopefully still resembling the original.

today, while writing about the backgrounds I need for the game in a document, I was thinking, how many out there have no idea about this side of the production? the menial but important tasks that would be left behind in archives and messenger histories and will be forgotten. let's share it then! here it is, the instructions that the future background artist will receive:

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#princess trainer: Jasmine Suggestion box minigame WIP

screenshot0002.png I've wrote the base code for the suggestion box minigame, now it need few more things to complete.

1st: emojis Since I hate reading and I'm sure most of you feel the same, I decided to go with an emoji based conversation. This means I'm going to need some small icons of what people might say. I've drawn some placeholders for test purposes but for the final release we will have an artist to do all icons.

2nd: Combinations I'm planning to rely on the community to suggest icons and their different combinations of what people might say. each combination has some effect on Jasmines stats. It is possible to have combinations that become available during the game, this will be a good way to start a rumor and let it reach the princess through this mechanism.

3rd: Stats I've considered "interest", "anger" and "horneyness" the main stats that will be effected by what Jasmine hears, but my plan is to do more with the minigame, like making Jasmine worried about peoples problems, Aladdin's fidelity to her or just shove their dicks into the hole for jasmine to interact with them.

By managing what goes through, you need to keep her interest High enough for her to be willing to do this, her anger at a reasonable level to prevent her storming out. at the same time trying to make he horny and use her hornyness to advance towards your goals.

I've coded the minigame the way that not only, we can have multiple boxes like this if the story requires, also, she can send somebody else into the box to bring her the news, maybe we add some side stories where you as the player can focus on a side character.but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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Princess Jasmine's suggestion box

Here's the idea for one of the minigames I want to add to our game: IMG_4600.jpg

The player builds a suggestion box that princess Jasmine can sit in it and listen to what people have to say anonymously. Sounds innocent doesn't it? Well all of us know where that is headed.

Abdul, (the player) is standing outside of the box and deciding who goes to the hole(s) to interact, by controlling what kind of interactions gets to the princess, you can manipulate the princess in certain directions.

You can play with her emotions, make her horny, worried, sad, happy, etc... just be careful, you have to keep the princess interested and willing to do this, otherwise: she wouldn't participate.

I've got the idea in my sleep this morning and when I woke up, sketched it down right away. I think you know by this point that what I draw is just for visualizing the ideas and the actual game art would be drawn by professional artists.

Find out more about our team and this game on our patreon page:

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Princess trainer: Jasmine interface design (gold version)

I know I said that "the GUi takes the back seat in favor of the more important tasks" but apparently I can't stop myself designing it while I'm writing the code.


It is possible that we would have multiple styles for the interface and this gold and paper style one would be one of them. As you might have noticed in the screenshot, the shop screen is almost fully functional now, I will move to other game features but I'll try to post a video demonstration on how shops work in the game once it's code is completed.

Also I need drawn icons for every item in the game at some point, till then, I'll have to use photos as placeholders.

Find out more about our team and this game on our patreon page:

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Shops for the "Princess trainer Jasmine" game

The game will have lots of shops, every shop represents a shop keeper character, basically every character in the game will have the ability to sell you something or buy from you.

Anything that has lots of use in games have a tendency to become a pain to deal with. The grinding for xp or money is inconvenience enough, I'm designing the shop interface with ease of use in mind, nobody enjoys spending five minutes of clicking, just to sell what they spent time grinding. To achieve that, the shop interface wouldn't have a buy and a sell menu or tab! buying and selling happen simultaneously in the same screen. shop.jpg

the basics

  • Showing shop keeper and the player character on the side gives us a nice feeling that it's a human interaction that seems to be missing in lots of other games.
  • The player, and shops inventory will be open at the same time.
  • To sell items player simply click them and they will be placed in a "to sell" list, once the player have chosen all of the items to sell, he/she can verify the list and price before pushing one button to finish the deal.
  • The same process happens for buying. select the items and push the trade button.
  • You can even buy and sell at the same time.
  • The items would be infinitely stack-able and the inventories would have no limit for how many items they can hold.
  • The shops have a markup for their prices that can change, We can use this option if you become friendly with shops and get a discount.

More controls

  • A, "sell the stack", and "sell all" button will be added to make it easy selling lots of items.
  • I might add a control to enter the number of items to sell if necessary.
  • A "Keep" list will be added for the items you want to keep, they will not be shown in your sell inventory.
  • Maybe sorting items by price, type and other specifications, it's too early to make any decisions about this one.
  • The shops don't have infinite number of items, they run out and re-stock periodically. I intend to add an algorithm to let them stock more of the items that sell better.
  • They don't have infinite money to buy either, they will tell you how much money they have if the things you want to sell them is more than what they can afford.
  • I might add haggling, it is very prevalent in the area.

The current progress

  • The unit class is added, we can add new NPC characters to the game using one line of code: default akbar = unit("Akbar", 8, 80, mup = 1.1, items = [[wood, 20], [thorns, 14], [snake_bite_remedy, 5], [bread, 3]])
  • And new items: default bread = item("Naan bread", 50, "items/bread.png")
  • The shop screen is being designed and the code is halfway done.
  • I'm staying on top of items to make sure they fit the stories geo location and time period.

Visit our patreon:

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my finished 3D comics

I've been doing some 3D comic commissions that I've shared on my patreon for free, it's only fair to share them here as well since I'm planning to create more 3D works in near future. they are low cost comics and from the time I was new to the whole thing, hopefully the stories are interesting enough to make up for the lack in looks.

here are the links:

Hello Neighbor - I'm Nikki (Adult 3D comic)

Looking for Trouble 1 (Adult 3D comic)

Looking for Trouble 2 (Adult 3D comic)

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more enemy placeholders

finally got around to draw another set of enemy placeholders, monsters.jpg I'm experimenting with the different ways to implement the battle system. there's small problems here and there I need to solve, but as a whole, it's moving forward, very nice. the one thing that keeps me worried is the amount of frame by frame animation I need for the battles. each enemy needs idle, attacks, defense, getting hit and special moves. but for now, I've added some left and right movement instead. hopefully we find a good pixel artist along the way to make fighting a whole lot more interesting.

4d798df8 660e 4792 bac8 422ddde3a5cc 120x120 0x0 400x400

Enemy placeholders

We don't have any artists on board yet, but I can't let that slow down the programming progress, therefore, I've took the pen and drawn some placeholders for the fight system and here's the result. not as good as real art, but those should do the job till we find an artist and replace them. the fight system I have in mind should look a bit like an expanded version of prince of persia fighting system. (the old one, not the 3D game) I'll have to draw some monsters for the practice section as well. humans.jpg

ow if you haven't guessed the project I mentioned in my previous post, it was an adult game starring princess Jasmine

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I need about a hundred wishes that might be asked from a Genie.

for that secret project of mine I need to come up with lots of wishes that somebody might ask a Genie, I would appreciate it if you can help me with that. imagine you are a commoner in the Disney's Aladdin story. one of the people in the background, living your own life in the Agrabah city and you find a Genie in the lamp. what would be your 3 wishes? no limitation but the time period, you can't know anything that the people living in Agrabah didn't know. comment as many as you want. I'll upvote the ones that are most helpful with my main account.

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guess my ambitious project's nature

I've just started a very ambitious game project, let's see who can guess what this game is about by finding clues in these sketches I've drawn to use as placeholder.

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