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kerbcrawlerghost profile
Hi im Kerbcrawlerghost, I draw naked girls and demons, but now im working my first tarot deck "The Ominous Tarot", join me and learn about the tarot and how my art is created...
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"The Fool"

Well this is it, you can get access to all of my contents, videos, pictures, and files. That I will work during the process of making this tarot deck, but you won't get the print at your door.

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"The Magician"

you will get access to all my contents, plus a monthly print of each card... but hey, this will start happening from the second month of subscription, but the first shipping will be a double print ok? I have to print and draw the cards first... so, thats why.

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"The Devil"

Well here you are backing me to make a living out of this, and in return you will get access to all my contents, a monthly print of a tarot card plus one of my art prints so you can get a full collection of kerbcrawlerghost.

2 subscribers

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This drawing was my first serious approach on the Tarot, "Death" card number XIII, talks about death of a cicle, death of an idea, so its more about change than a literal death of a person, its about leaving behind what does not work for you anymore... ending a relationship or quitting your job to start a new independent enterprise.

So here I started based on the Marseille deck, with the beheaded queen and king, in that matter the card talks about how death makes no distinctions on social, economical or political power, nether status or gender, death comes for us all equally. so what I added to this card was the blooming skeleton, which talks about change, of new growth coming with death, tells us that this can be painful or difficult to accept, but at the same time we have to be open to see that detail, there is a gain behind all this radical change... something new, perhaps for better.


  • This is what you get, videos on the process of making each of the 78 cards of the tarot, from idea to final drawing, yo can interact by giving ideas and comments over my sketches during the process, plus you will get a print of each card monthly.
  • Also I will share my references on each card, going from tarot books to the art I will use as reference, each card has a different approach and you will learn how I built from the cards using this ideas.
  • al will also share the process of every drawing I will make during this year in the same way and if you are an artist yourself I can give you advices and comments over your pieces.
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