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I'm Jane Hardcourt, I ran the KeepHimCaged Tumblr until they deleted without warning... I'm going to start posting my content here where I know it's safe and positively encouraged.

The start of a new era for KeepHimCaged

Tumblr killed my beloved KeepHimCaged blog.
But I'm hoping beauty can rise from the ashes.
The truth is that with the blog already restricted it was mostly a frustrating experience trying to use it. I hated the fact you couldn't see the notes people put and that the things I found hot I kept being told weren't good. Screw you Tumblr.
My husband, James, has set up a successful SubscribeStar in the last few months so with his help I'm going to copy that and actually offer some extra things I've wanted to do for a while.
I can't tell you what a relief it is just having somewhere that positively encourages kinky stuff. It's like a breath of fresh air.
I'm going to start off by posting all my Locktober posts here. They'll all be in the free tier, don't worry. I'm not really sure yet what's going in the others, this is early days and in part I'll be relying on anyone who follows me to let me know what they want. So join up, get in early and help me shape what this can become.
My desire is to share this amazing, sexy, beautiful kink with as many as I can - especially couples, couples like us who use it to build intimacy and add the extra spice that all relationships need from time to time.
I'm going to try and keep this whole blog very female-friendly as I want it to be a place you could show wives and girlfriends and get then intrigued and willing to explore more.
BDSMLR etc have their place but they can be pretty toxic to vanillaish women in my experience. It's that I had James holding my hand through it all that I even persisted with Tumblr, so yeah, I sympathise.
I hope this is a helpful. I look forward to this new stage in the journey.
Jane xxx

Subscription Tiers

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PLEASE, BE AWARE: due to an extremely high volume of recently submitted profiles, the approval will take longer than usual. After this page is approved, you will be able to subscribe as usual. We appreciate your patience and understanding.


This is a free tier that will let you see lots of the content, but you can't interact or leave comments.

per month

This is for those of you who want to support what I'm doing. You'll get full access to all the captions and content I post here.

per month

As well as access to all the content you get more influence on what I create, and access to any books I write (plus James' Chastity Contract books)

per month
Caged by Jane

Yep, James has said I'm allowed to try keyholding for a few of you. You'll get direct email access, and the key controlled through the Chastikey application.

Limited (0 out of 5) subscriptions
per month
Couples Support

James and I will support you as a couple to build greater intimacy through sexual exploration and adventures. With direct access to us both we can give you custom plans to try together, as well as access to all the materials for couples we're going to create. Places are very limited and this is our first go at this so we'll be learning how it works with you.

Limited (0 out of 3) subscriptions

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