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I am an erotica writer with a focus on ryona, superheroine in peril (SHIP) and damsel in distress fetishes. Tip jar for people who like my stories and wish to encourage me.
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  • I am an erotica writer with a focus on ryona, superheroine in peril (SHIP) and damsel in distress fetishes. My writing will portray unfair, sometimes grim scenarios involving an innocent girl put through physical and mental distress and suffering (not permanent injury) for evil fucks that enjoy it - all in the safety of fiction and fantasy. This is my first attempt at seeing if it is possible to earn money from this work. If you enjoy what I do, subscribing and sending money my way would be excellent incentive for me to do more. Perhaps in the future I can customize my work towards what subscribers want. Let's see how things go.

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The subscription I have so far is so appreciated! I want to let you know that I intend for SubscribeStar to be the place with the best versions of my writing. Here you will find versions of my stories that are harder, darker, and more expanded. I may update parts of what I've previously posted here already and will let you know when I do so, and will go over other chapters yet to be posted to bring out the best of what they can be. I will continue to post parts of chapters on a regular basis, then will combine all parts of a chapter into a single post. Any suggestions, feedback, or requests are more than welcome. I sincerely hope you enjoy and keep coming back for more. Thank you.
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WARNING: This story is only intended to be read by those of legal age. This erotica contains themes of torture, abuse, non consent, and is not intended to be replicated in reality. This is a total work of fiction.

The Adventures of Teen Girl

Link to Chapter 1

Chapter 1 continued - Teen Girl vs Dr. Painatologist

Eventually, after dragging her along a long corridor, they come to a big glass room. He throws her unceremoniously into it. He shuts the door, and presses a remote control button which releases her cuffs. After several moments, she moves her exhausted, abused body onto one knee, the cuffs on her feet now removed. She looks so vulnerable and sexy covered in her own sweat, thinks the Professor. The walls around her start moving in.

They’re large, glass walls. The ceiling moves down too. Teen Girl gets nervous, she’s slightly claustrophobic. But she’s too tired to even stand up. Her body still feels like it’s on fire.

“What you’re in now, Teen Girl, is kind of like a giant sun bed, or a microwave. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve watched get blasted by the extreme heat. It’s kind of disgusting, actually. They get big blisters all over within minutes, and then they explode. I could never get the heat levels right. I’ve had a hell of a time cleaning that room. But now I have you. I wonder how your unique physiology handles extreme heat”.

Now she’s really panicked. With the walls closing in, she could already feel the increasingly small room get hotter. “You’re going to kill me, you fucking maniac!”

She found the energy to stand up. With new determination, convinced her life was at stake, she runs at the door, and kicks it as hard as she can. But the giant door of metal is too thick, too strong. She ends up falling on the floor in a heap. With her reserves of energy, she gets back on her feet. The words “never give up” flashing in her mind from somewhere. It sounds like her Father’s voice, from years ago – a voice of encouragement. The ceiling only inches from her head now, she can feel herself burning up. In a wild panic she starts punching the glass walls with all her strength. She can punch holes through brick walls, yet she can’t dent these walls at all. They must be really thick. She can see large purple bulbs behind the glass, and she can feel wave after wave of heat pulsating from them. Soon, she’s forced down on her hands and knees, the room now only a box. She turns onto her back, and with both legs she tries to kick her way out. It’s no good, and still the room gets smaller. “Never give up… never give up!” she whispers.

She starts breathing rapidly, panic taking hold. She’s not exactly claustrophobic, but she hates being in tight spaces. And she finds it more and more difficult to breathe in her hot box.

Poor Teen Girl was already sweating from the hours of electrical shock torture. Her nipples are in incredible pain, the clamps had been biting into her tender flesh for hours. Her body still buzzing in places. And now she has the heat to deal with, hitting her from the floor, ceiling, and walls. Her hair is glued to her face and shoulders. Her young flesh getting hotter and hotter, perspiring more and more.

She lies down uncomfortably, as the box finally stops shrinking and she can barely move. Her breasts are pressed to the ground, and her hands lay flat, when suddenly everything gets much hotter. Her soft skin that’s touching the ground suddenly burns. She yelps in pain, her poor tits getting a pretty bad burning. She quickly and instinctively turns herself around, sitting on her ass. But it’s no good. The ground burns her ass, her hands and legs, the ceiling burns her tits, briefly giving her nipples a painful burn. “AGH! GAWD!! NO!” She shouts and screams. No matter where she moves her naked body, she gets burned. It hurts like hell. It feels like someone has invented a giant lighter and put her on top of it. She puts her arms in front of her breasts to protect them, so her arms get burnt, sizzling with smoke. Her ass is pressed against the floor, as is her back. “AAAIIIIIIIIIIGH!!”

The poor girl screams and screams. In her mind, she believes her skin is being burnt off and that she is dying. In reality, her body is resilient against the extreme heat, keeping her from receiving any permanent damage. She also has an incredibly high pain threshold, so she won’t die from sheer agony or even pass out. Her amazing body’s physiology keeps her going.

She keeps shifting in pathetic attempts to protect herself. But to no avail. Every part of her gets burnt. And still the heat increases. It increases to the point where her skin doesn’t even have to be touching the walls to sizzle and smoke. Despite the agony, she can no longer scream. Instead, she whimpers and moans, like some animal caught in a trap. She is now completely unable to move. The Teen Girl’s skin has turned from a lovely tan to a redder color.

For what seems like hours to her, but in actual fact is 15 minutes, she remains in this human microwave.

Finally, the walls start to retract. The heat dies down bit by bit.

The teenager lies on the floor, face down. She’s never known such pain. Smoke rises from her body. Her beautiful skin has been turned red. She’s still, somehow, completely conscious and aware. With her broken, little girl voice she asks “nngh… How… why didn’t I die… I should be dead”

She didn’t know if she should be grateful as the floor underneath her started moving her towards the door.

She’d give anything to be somewhere, anywhere else. Teen Girl’s mind desperately searches for somewhere else to be. Once again, she thinks of events of the past week before she suffered her first defeat at the hands of Professor Painatologist.

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WARNING: This story is only intended to be read by those of legal age. This erotica contains themes of torture, abuse, non consent, and is not intended to be replicated in reality. This is a total work of fiction.

Teen Girl Biography: Megan Summers is an 18 year old student of Godfrey High School. She gained superpowers in an accident involving a mysterious rock.

Her powers include flight, super strength, super resilience to injury, superhuman endurance to pain, and a healing factor.

She has black hair, hazel eyes, 34E breasts and an hourglass figure. She is 5'7.

Megan is kind, brave, and has geek interests. Despite her natural beauty she does not stand out in her school. Up till now she had allowed herself to fall into the background.

Chapter 1

We join or buxom heroine, our adventurous Teen Girl on her very first defeat. The young vixen has become captured. Captured by a most vile villain, Professor Painatologist. As can be guessed from his name, he is something of a sadist. A most lecherous man indeed.

Teen Girl hangs her head down, her black pig tails almost glued to her face from the sweat. Beads of it cover her cute face, dripping down all over her body. Her large breasts rise and fall as she pants, taking in quick breaths. She pathetically whimpers as she tries to free herself from her bonds for the hundredth time. Her arms are tied above her with large steel handcuffs, linked to the ceiling. Her feet are also cuffed, her toes barely touching the floor.

Her little hazel eyes look up through her matted hair and tears, looking at the evil grin of Professor Painatologist.

“I’ve always been fascinated by pain, ever since I was a little boy. I was endlessly intrigued by the various, unlimited ways of inflicting it upon others. First I started with insects, then small animals, but when I reached puberty my fascination grew. I love the way a girl’s face contorts when she feels pain. The sound of a whip on her flesh”

He walks towards her, her face a look of hate. This man was a sadist, an animal who has killed many girls just to satisfy his own sick pleasure. He takes her pretty face in his hands, and then slaps her hard.

“I love the look of degradation when I slap a girl. I love everything about hurting women. I’ve dedicated my life to learning, reading about torture methods, sensitive areas of the body. The more pain I can inflict the better. The only thing is you can only inflict so much. The body breaks down, and the body eventually dies. Plus, wounds aren’t very attractive. But then I found you. You’re perfect. Young, soft flesh. Big tits and you’re a cute girl too. Not only that, your body can take incredible amounts of damage and pain. I can bring you to the heights of agony again and again and again. All I have to do is give you sufficient rest, your body time to heal, and then I can do it all over again. My mind is swimming with ideas of what I could do to your delicious body. For the first time in my life, I am in love!”

Teen Girl lets out a sigh and rolls her eyes. She didn’t know what was worse. The torture, or listening to this idiot drone on and on. The prospect of spending the rest of her life with this creep, being tortured in a million different ways, AND having to listen to him profess his love frightened her.

He walks over to the machine that controlled her current torture device. The 18 year old moans, letting out a sigh of pleasure. A small device is attached to her pussy, messaging her clitoris. Small metal tendrils gently tickle her insides, sending a shiver up her spine. A metal bead is attached to her clitoris, sending vibration after vibration through her. The advanced device brings the young girl closer and closer to orgasm… and closer to agony. “Ungh!!” she moans despite herself.

Wires lie all over the place, running to many different points connected to Teen Girl’s body. They run to a metal band around her head. They run to many clamps placed around her body. She has several metal clamps biting into her tits, about 20 in all, with one for each nipple. Biting her tender skin. She has them under her armpits, under her feet, between her thighs, on her slim tummy, her round firm ass, and one on her clit, which is particularly sore. Her tongue hangs out of her mouth, drool dripping all over her, a clamp painfully attached to her tongue. Wherever the clamps bite on her skin there is pain and red marks left by the clamps. All the wires connected to the clamps lead to the Professor’s big machine, which he now stands behind.

He places his hand on a dial, and turns it up. The highest setting yet. “The bead messaging your clit right now also acts as a sensor, letting this machine know when you are on the brink of orgasm. Just before you reach orgasm; this machine will automatically kick in, sending volts of electricity into every clamp on your body. But of course you already know that. We’ve been at this for hours! I think it is so much better to mix pleasure with pain, don’t you?”

She could feel the onset of an orgasm, her pussy walls vibrated. Her cunt soaking wet, dripping all over a mixture of fluids on the floor. She tries to prepare herself, but how can she prepare herself for the agony that’s about to hit her? The poor girl has been brought to the brink time and time again, only to have orgasm stolen from her at the last moment. And this cruel machine is about to steal one from her yet again. In her messed up mind, she WANTS an orgasm. But just before it happens, the machine kicks in…

Instantaneously; all she can see is stars. Her slim back arches. Her body shakes violently in her bonds. Every clamp, every wire is sending thousands of volts of electricity into her super powered teenage body. From the wires attached to her finger tips and feet, to the clamp biting into her clit and her nipples, to the metal band around her head sending volts into her temples – every part of her beautiful, sweat covered body is in pain. She feels like she is on fire. Every nerve ending aflame.

She throws her head back, her pigtails flailing around, and she screams. “AAAIIIIIEEEE!!!” An inhuman scream. Her throat raw from all the screaming done that day. She can’t think. She thinks her tongue is going to burn off. She thinks that she is going to die. But her endurance and tolerance for pain is amazing. She doesn’t even pass out.

Five long minutes later. This has been the longest shock yet. Where is he getting the juice to power this thing? Still she screams, her screams long and hoarse. “NIAAAIGH!!” The one part of her that could still think, the one part of her poor brain that could concentrate attempts to think of something other than the sheer agony of thousands of volts shooting through her lithe body. She thinks of the week that had gone past. It was only one week ago she decided to become Teen Girl.


It was a warm afternoon when Megan’s Father excitedly brought her out to see where he works. Out in the desert, miles from home, stood a large circular building of very modern design, where her Father and other scientists carried out all sorts of experiments. Exactly what kinds of experiments, Megan wasn’t sure. She wasn’t too interested, either. It was all very complicated. But for weeks now, Dr. Summers, that’s Megan’s Father, had been going on and on about some sort of new source of energy they had discovered. He talked all about photons and protons, about how this energy had all sorts of crazy properties. She knew it was a big deal for her Father, and she had wanted badly to spend time with him, so she agreed to go out and have a look for herself.

She had no idea what a big deal this new energy was until she saw it with her own brown eyes. But before that, they had to go through the security checks, a retina scan for her Father, a maze of colour coded corridors, and an elevator that went down forever. She saw guys in big suits that reminded her of space suits. She was led to a small room, a viewing room, where a bald man sat, greeting her Father warmly. “Hi John! Megan! It’s good to see you again! It’s been years!” She had no idea why, but she blushed at this. Richard the bald scientist hadn’t seen her since she was small… and she had grown, quite considerably, since then. She was wearing a blue t-shirt. Not tight, but her chest pushed it out. The bottom of her tummy just visible. Her jeans hugged her shapely legs and ass.

“If you guys just make yourselves comfortable. Megan, get ready for this!” said Richard, a wide happy grin on his face. “Raise the barrier!” Richard said into a mic. In front of them, a metal barrier began to rise, revealing a window. Bit by bit, the barrier raised, until Megan’s eyes opened wide. In the next room, beyond the window, sat a large, glowing rock sitting on top of a table. The glow was a bright blue, and it lit up the whole room. The rock sparkled with crystals, twinkling with purple light. It was possibly the most beautiful thing Megan had ever seen.

“Dad…. Wow!! You said it was good… but…” Megan was astonished. “I know”, John said.

“Where did you find it?? Is it safe??”

“We found it deep under the Earth a month ago. Just this, and no others. All of our tests indicate that it is safe. But we haven’t let anyone touch it yet. Though, it is giving off a massive amount of energy. We’ve used a microscope, and we’ve detected that it’s made from a material denser than anything else known to man. We’ve done all the tests we can think of, just a couple more to go. We’ve determined that it’s old… very, very old. As old as the Earth itself. And it’s like it has unlimited energy… It’s hard to explain Megan, but it’s my personal belief that this thing… I believe this rock can power a spacecraft, make it go faster than light maybe! Tomorrow, we’re sending in a team to actually touch it for the first time. We’ve got just a couple of more tests for it, then we’re moving it to a more secure location”.

Megan sat, awe inspired by the beautiful rock. It was still on her mind that night as she lay in her Father’s bed at the lab… when a gunman burst into the room.


The gun wielding man wore a black balaclava. John jumped up from the floor where he was sleeping, startled. “DADDY!!” Megan screamed. The maniac pointed the gun at her Father’s head. “Take me to the rock!” “Alright… okay… take it easy!” Wearing just his boxers and a shirt, Megan’s Father left the room, the gunman following. “Megan! Stay here!” Her Father said. “Daddy!” Tears fell down her face. “Your Poppa’s right, sweety. You stay here. Y’know, it’s too bad I didn’t have more time!” The gunman openly leered at her. “You son of a bitch!” John grabbed the gunman’s arm, and received the gun butt to his head for his troubles. The gunman closed the door, locking it from the outside.

For the next 10 minutes, Megan clawed at the door. Pulling at the doorknob, and kicking the door, but it wouldn’t give. She was hysterical, afraid for her poor Father. She finally stopped, leaning against the door, sobbing. And then she realized her Father’s tool box was in the room. Her Father was something of a handyman, and brought his toolbox with him everywhere. She frantically searched the cupboard, pulling everything out… until… YES!! There it is! She opened it, pulling out a screwdriver. She started loosening the screws on the door handle. When it came apart, the lock now visible, she kept hitting the lock with the screwdriver till the lock came off.

Now she was running down the corridor as fast as she could. She took the elevator down. Coming out of it again, she ran in the direction of the rock. Outside of the room where it was, she saw her Father lying unconscious. She ran to his side, then looked into the room. The gunman was in there, lifting the stone with his hands… then everything turned white. Instinctively, Megan threw herself on top of her Father’s body. An explosion ripped the room apart. She felt her clothes ripping off her… she could feel flames at her back… she had blacked out for a second. Looking around frantically, the whole place had been torn apart. Shards of metal, glass, and debris lay everywhere. The gunman was nowhere to be seen… a large, black hole in the middle of the room where he stood.

“M-Megan??” Her Dad opened his eyes. “Dad! You’re okay!” She hugged him tightly, and the room filled up with security and medical personnel. She knew she could feel flames at her back. And she was half naked from the blast tearing her clothes from her. But she was fine… and her Daddy was fine. That’s all that mattered for now. She got home the next afternoon, and slept.


Megan felt absolutely amazing. She hopped out of bed, feeling full of energy, feeling like she could take on the world. She looked in the mirror; staring back was a gorgeous teenage girl. She was 5’7, with long black hair falling down her back and over her shoulders. She had a killer body. Amazing 34E breasts, her ample cleavage showing in her cute strappy pink pajama top. A flat tummy maintained through regular crunches. She turned to look at her back in the mirror. Her curvy, firm ass looked delicious in her tight pajama bottoms. Underneath were her long tan legs. She looked at her face. She had a cute button nose, fluttering hazel eyes, and full lips. Pretty was an understatement.

Megan decided after examination that there wasn’t anything different about her physically from what she could tell. Yet, she felt like a new girl. Not only did she survive the explosion the day before, but all her cuts and bruises were already gone. She felt stronger. She looked at her dresser quizzically. Megan put her hands under the dresser at either side, and then lifted the whole thing above her head. “Oh my God!” she excitedly said. Next she lifted her bed, then her cupboard, then her dresser and cupboard on the bed. She held them easily at waist level, hardly any effort at all.

All sorts of questions flashed through her mind. How can she have gotten so strong? Was it the accident, some sort of reaction to the blast that changed her in some way?

Megan wanted to know what else she could do. Both of her parents were on a business trip, as they usually were, and she was an only child, so she had the big house to herself. She ran hurriedly downstairs, then through the house to the back garden outside. She wanted to know how far she could jump with her new strength. If the neighbours saw, they’d just think she was using the trampoline. She got down on her hunches, and then pushed herself off the ground with all her strength. She went straight up into the air, her hair all over the place, her top almost lifting off. She jumped towards her house, landing on a ledge just outside her window. She was so amazed by what she had done, that she tripped and fell.

She covered her face with her hands, but Megan did not hit the ground. She looked, and realized she was floating. She almost cried, letting out a giggle of excitement. “Holy shit! I’m like… I’m like Superman!” She tested out this claim, floating around her garden just above the grass.

From that moment, she decided she was going to be a superhero.

Megan went back to her room, and covered the floor with clothes, looking for the perfect superhero outfit. She found a dark blue one piece swimsuit, and a pair of red hot pants. She cut off the bottom of the swimsuit, so now it was just like a top. She put it on. Her lovely tits pushing out the flexible material. She then put on the hot pants. They were super tight, and showed off her ass fantastically, the crevice between her big cheeks clearly visible. She fixed her hair into pigtails, and put on a simple black face mask she got for Halloween. The face mask only covered the area around her eyes, her hazel eyes still visible. Megan considered this enough to hide her identity. She also put on high heeled black boots, which arched her back slightly and pushed her large chest out even more. She also put on a pair of black gloves, deciding that this would prevent people getting a hold of her finger prints – a measure to keep her identity safe.

Megan needed to think of a superheroine name. Something simple, feminine, and catchy. Then it came to her… Teen Girl, can’t get more simple than that.

She took off her top, it needed an insignia. She took some clothing paint from her drawer, and with red paint she painted a big red T on the front of the top.

Megan put on her top again. The paint would need to dry, but she could check out her completed look.

Pigtails, a tight dark blue top, hot pants, and knee high boots. She looked and felt very sexy. Her nipples visibly hardened. She also felt powerful, and she thought she looked quite heroic.

Some hours later when her top was ready, it had gotten dark. Perfect cover for flying from her house. Teen Girl flew out of her bedroom window, flew right over her neighbourhood, and to the city.

Megan had always dreamed of this as a little girl, and could cry from joy. She found flying a little shaky, but was soon getting the hang of it. She was fast, too. Making great time. Before long she was in the city.

She stayed up to the early hours of the morning, almost until daylight, just helping people. That first night she busted gangs dealing drugs, saved a very grateful man from being knocked over (he held on very tight), broke up drunken fights, got a cat out of a tree for a little girl, and helped cops chase down robbers. Everywhere she went, people thanked her for her help, called her a saviour, a hero. And everywhere she went men stared at her young, tight body. Men old enough to be her Father, even her Grandfather! She didn’t mind. In fact, she loved the attention. It was all part of her superhero fantasy to be a sexy heroine.

When Teen Girl got home in the morning, the light just starting to break out, she was beaming. She loved this. And she wasn’t even tired, not one bit. Flying all night long, chasing down muggers, and she had lost count of how many noses and jaws she broke. She theorized that she had increased stamina. Teen Girl felt like she could go ten rounds with every boxer in the world and still keep going.

Megan slipped out of her costume and had a shower. She shampooed her long silky hair. The lather and soap covered her and soothed her. Then she put on her pajamas and had some pizza.

So much to think about. Megan would have to hide her abilities from school friends and her parents, of course. Which meant a lot of sneaking around. This thought excited her. She curled up into bed, thinking about how men looked at her that night. The cops, the bad guys, and the one guy she saved who got a feel. She put her hand down into her panties, and started fingering her moist pussy, and rubbing her clit. She gently slipped two fingers in, and let out a girlish moan. She thought about what it would be like if the men were there, watching this teenage girl finger herself. Did they have any idea how young she was? She moved fingers in and out, and then came for the first time in her life. “Ugh! Ugh!” She let out cute grunts and moans as she climaxed. She thought about wearing her sexy outfit, masturbating while a group of older men watched. Megan fingered herself for hours, and she came more times than she could count.


Teen Girl’s eyes are wide, tears streaming down her face. She stares up at the dark ceiling. This dark room, this torture chamber is hell, and she is trapped.

Her young body shakes violently and she can no longer scream from her sore throat. The pain she feels all over is a burning pain, a constant torture from head to toe. Electricity continues to course through every inch of her.

Finally, after ten minutes, the professor presses the stop button. “Amazing. Absolutely amazing. An elephant could not withstand that for one minute, and yet you, a young girl, you’re still alive. I’d love to test your limits on this machine some more, but I think I’ll leave it for another day. We have all the time in the world. Now I want to try something else”.

Teen Girl hangs her head low, her entire body perspiring. The professor’s words barely registering. They have been at this for four hours now. Professor Painatologist shocking her young body over and over again, just when she was on the onset of orgasm. Always for longer periods of time and at higher settings. Her impressive teenage tits rising and falling as she panted. Smoke actually rising from her skin now. Her breathing comes out in quick, rasping gasps.

The Professor presses the release button. The metal bond holding the agonized girl to the ceiling now released, she falls to the floor in a heap, her hands and feet still bound.

The Professor walks to her, she’s now weak as a kitten and defenseless. He kicks her as hard as he can, delivering the blow to her tummy. She groans pathetically. He kicks her again, laughing like an excited child. The weird professor stands there in his clean white coat, smiling away. “You’re so beautiful when you’re in pain. Let’s give you some more!”

He grabs one of her pigtails and drags her across the floor. “_….n-no! _No more!” She groans. A smile even bigger spreads across his face. “Are you prepared to beg for me to stop?” As she’s being dragged along by her soaked hair, she considers this. A part of her brain that can see clearly enough through the fog of pain to think screams at her to beg the bastard on her hands and knees to stop hurting her. But another part of her, a part closer to the core tells her that if she begs, then the bastard has broken her. And if he breaks her, then he’s won. He wants her to beg, and then he’ll continue hurting her anyway. She won’t give him the satisfaction of begging. Then she says “uugh… Go fuck yourself!”

The Professor is disappointed to say the least. Every girl he has ever tortured, he has had them all begging to stop. Some within minutes. The longest one went without begging was half an hour. He had killed many girls on his quest for pure agony. The electric shock machine alone had killed girls within minutes, and that was only a fraction of the setting he had for Teen Girl. But breaking her would be so much sweeter. Whether it took days or years, she’ll beg. The fact that she was strong in more ways than he imagined, was what he loved about her.

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