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Digital Artist, Animator and 3D modeler.
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Anything Helps!

Access to my Subscriber only discord channel, and access to Subscriber only streams.

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HD Render Early Access

Gain access to HD renders before they are released publicly.

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Comic Early Access

Gain access to comic pages before they are released publicly.

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PSD's and WIP's

Gain access to unflattened PSD's and misc WIP's of projects that I'm working on.

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First World Problems

Look at you, ya big baller! As a thank you for your generosity, your name will be featured in every physical printed comic that is released, as well as a mention in the credits of each animation that I create. This also gives you access to the same rewards as all previous tiers.

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  • Sketches, Lines, Flats, HD files, HD Un-flattened PSD files, Subscriber Exclusive Streams, Subscriber Exclusive Voice Chats, Access to my Subscriber only Discord, Early access to my content before it's released publicly.

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Working on setting up my Su...

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