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I'm a studied game-developer and 3D-Artist and making my first very own project with Pleasureville

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$0.54 of $100
per month
This would be the base at which I will keep on developing the game. That support helps to get more High Quality Assets into the game, making it more variable and faster to develop. Fingers crossed ;o)
$0.54 of $500
per month
Now I will be sure to finish the game, thanks to your support. Cutting off my private time finally pays off. With this goal reached, I would consider the project as a success, as I would get more out of it than I invested in all the assets.
$0.54 of $1,000
per month
You guys rock! This is more I could have asked for and putting the game more and more into the centre of my life. I really like working on it and getting you the best experience possible. With this goal reached, I would upgrade my rig for being able to work faster and I will be sure to keep on developing even after this game is done. Thank you so much! xoxoxo
$0.54 of $2,000
per month
Another huge step in developing my own games. It's like a dream come true to reach a goal like this. My hardware will get a huge upgrade for being able to work faster and do bigger updates each month. I would consider working part-time in my main job for having more time on developing this and upcoming games for you <3
$0.54 of $3,000
per month
This would be a life-chaning goal. I would quit my main job completely to focus on game developing. There will be no limits after reaching that goal.
$0.54 of $5,000
per month
Ok let's dream for a second ... the possibilities are huge at this point. It's possible to purchase a motion-capturing rig for doing poses and animations like you have never seen before in a Visual Novel.... Its possible to change the engine entirely to something like Unity3D or Unreal to making games beyond Visual Novels. Im sure I will have some time to figure that out until we reach this goal ;o) ... how about a real female main actress? ....

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