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Hello there! My name is Jonas Faes - Also known as JonasFreshVA on twitter and Casting Call Club - And I'm a voice actor who keeps himself busy with being videogame antagonists, podcast character and Audiobook Reader!
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Thank you!! <3

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Here you'll get access to my monthly narrations !!

You"ll also get my lifelong gratitude and my firstborn... Grain of sand!

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Hey thank you! From here on out you'll be able to:

  • Hear my Monthly Narrations!
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  • Commission me for Narrations!
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Naughty naughty you~ Santa's got you at the top of that list doesn't he? From here on out you'll get:

-All of the above -NSFW narrations/work -Commission me for NSFW work!

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  • Monthly narrations and you can also commision me for these things!
  • Bloopers made by yours truly
  • NSFW work and you can also commision me for these things!

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Hangout Discord!! Every 10+ star and above will get access to my personal discord where you can chill with me, ask questions, hear me do the naughties and just have fun overall! Also monthly Q&A's with no limits on questions!!

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