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Erotic 3D art, mainly, but not exclusively, of the more extreme variety
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I am a 3D artist primarily interested in the power and allure of instinctive purpose and the inextricable link, and ultra-fine dividing line between, life, sex, and death.

WARNING!! My content includes nudity, various fetishes and extreme BDSM of every kind. In all instances the models, are over 18 years old and are willing participants acting out fantasies. None of it is real or forced, and there are no underage participants. This is fantasy only and I do not in any way condone violence of any kind in the real world.
If you are underage or feel you could be shocked by these, please be sure to leave my stream or set your filter preferences accordingly. I sincerely do not want to offend anyone.

Generally my working practice is to upload 5 images from the current project/story each week by way of Work In Progress. I do this for four weeks, and at the end of the fifth week the rest of the story, normally another 20 images, is published. This way I expect to publish a complete story of 40-45 images each month.

There are currently in excess of 850 images available here to paid subscribers.

I shall upload a free sample gallery here shortly (assuming that is possible (Mmmm...doesn't seem to be 1/10/21)), but in the meantime free samples can be found at my flickr account:[email protected]/

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