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GrimarHorns, french lewd game developper. Everything is indie of course, been working my game since 2016.All the Patreon/SStar revenue are used to fund my game, nothing goes to me yet.
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  • Previous rewards
  • We will meet on Discord/Skype either in french or english so we can chat a little of anything you want.
  • On your 4th pledge, you and I will discuss about a NPC that you want in game. That NPC can have a sex scene of your choice (I can still say no to silly things). If I like your NPC, I might give him/her more depth.


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I will start updating my SubscribeStar profile to make it as complete as my Patreon.
to reach
the goal
I will post the same posts on Patreon and on SubscribeStar.
to reach
the goal
If I both have Patreon and this goal on SubscribeStar, developping my game full-time might be a thing.


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