Hello stranger, you are wandered to the darkest and lewdest place in the observable galaxy. Just kidding, or not... Nevermind.
 This is " Training Space Station", 🔞adult🔞 video game I'm creating, whatever that means.. Have Fun 😛!

There was really hard to describe what it's all about but I was trying my best.
The plot: You are control little lusty Robot who decide to become real boy, greatest girls hunter in the galaxy. Manage station, Hunt, Train and Explore the galaxy! 
What's going on for now: Currently, the game is still at an early stage of development (~15% of planned)
  • Hunting mode, Station management, Girls "training", Space adventures and core mechanics are ready (as a basis), next they will expand with the addition of new content

First Alpha version is available for a trial to everyone!
>>Download Alpha01<<

System requirements
 Warning! There might be a problem with launching on CPU built-in video cards like Intel HD Graphics.
 Platform: PC for now.

Latest Screenshots: