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I'm a damsel-in-distress cartoonist. I draw fan art and original characters bound and gagged, in degrading and/or perilous situations. take a look at my gallery on pixiv ( to see what I draw, and support me by subscribing to see subscribestar-exclusive art!
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  • SStar-exclusive images not available publicly - this is the tier at which you have access to all finished versions of my work
  • [coming soon] vote in monthly polls to decide what I'll draw!
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  • welcome to my subscribestar page! subscribers have access to high resolution versions of my public posts, art exclusive to subscribestar, original photoshop files and more! look at my work at my deviantart page and if you like what you see, check out my reward tiers to see which one best fits you. thanks for visiting, hope you enjoy my work :)

Recent posts

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september schemes, and other updates~

  • at the beginning of september, I'll be purging content from july - now is a good time to download the images you want access to! this is part of making sure subscribers are getting something in exchange for your support. if you miss the cut-off, send me a message and I'll get the images over to you.

  • my goal is to have the next page of the tournament of ties and two more commissions completed by the end of august, one of which will be subscribers-only - stay tuned!

  • for september I'm going to be running two poll position votes. if you've got an idea for a character you want to be in the vote, send me a message!

  • got an idea, feedback, question, jokes? talking is free- hit me up with a message!

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at $500/month, I'll begin producing subscriber-exclusive comics with a goal of two pages per month


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