New Free Tier

SubscribeStar added the option of including a free tier into the options, so I'm trying that out and we've already got a bunch of people signed up, so thanks for that. 
Do remember if you've signed up for a free tier, (I believe) you can sign up for any of the paid tiers this month and it won't charge you until the 1st October, so you can check out the content risk-free and see if it's for you. (If that's not the case, please let me know. I don't think you can message me on a free tier but just email me at [email protected])
Similiarly, from everyone,  I'd love to know what kind of content you'd like here. Everyone subscribed at the moment are real pioneers with me in this, so whether you're on a paid tier (thank you SO MUCH for your support) or just checking it out on the free tier (you're so welcome here!) get in touch and help me make this something exciting that's really worth being part of.