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Edging Space Publishing
Edging Space Publishing
Edging Erotica - Support James Hardcourt's erotic writing, focusing on the areas of tease, denial, and erotic edging
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Edging Space Publishing
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Edging Space Publishing - what it's all about...

Hi, and welcome to my new SubscribeStar account. 
You are very likely here because you're a fan of my Tumblr -
Somehow a blog that I started up for a bit of fun, in a niche I had no idea many would have been interested in, turned into a Google topping, million-plus visitor monster. A monster that Tumblr have tried to kill a few times but that's a whole other story.
This... SubStar… Let’s shorten it to that ( I mean 'sub' is always good). This SubStar is to support the writing and publishing of short stories, novellas, guides, audiobooks, and who knows what else, all around that theme close to our heart: tease, edging and orgasm denial.
I wrestled with the idea of setting this up at all, because I do feel a little odd charging money for what I have been doing for free on Tumblr and BDSMLR (and will continue to do), but two things swayed me.
Firstly, because when I asked, a whole bunch of you said you’d be interested in doing this (thank you so much for that vote of confidence).
And secondly, because I believe what I'm doing here is something genuinely new. This is about published books, getting orgasm denial focused erotica into the mainstream. Good writing, to be sold on Amazon, or Smashwords, or if it's really kinky, just accessible to you, my horny little SubStars.
And it's not just a pipedream. I've actually gone and done it. I'm on the verge of launching my first FOUR BOOKS. Yeah, read that and weep GRR Martin. I actually finished the bulk of three of them about ten months ago, but you know what I learnt?
There's a WHOLE world of difference between writing a book and publishing one!
The last year has been such a journey. The writing part was actually pretty easy. Learning how to turn that into something good, something pant-wettingly hot, and publishable is the real challenge; to create the right covers for it, format it, market it, publicise, distribute, get it onto Amazon. It's been a learning curve.
This is just the start of that journey, and your chance to travel it with me. I'm excited about the potential for this. Amazingly, so is my wife, who inspired and encouraged me to get off my arse and actually do this. So I'm very keen to turn it into a success. 
Whether it's just wanting to support me a little, and get early and sometimes exclusive access to my short stories, or you're a budding writer too and want to team up with me to get access to all I'm learning and doing while making the transition from writer to author, then this is for you.
My goal is to share this amazing journey with you and get your precious input and encouragement as I strive to make the hottest stories I possibly can. 

Fan Club Tier

I’ve drafted out what I felt was three good tiers. As you can see above (and in the video) the Fan Club tier is for those of you who just want to show a bit of support and get early access to my regular short stories and also captions and edging instructions and similar. 
The fact that is a genuinely pro-NSFW platform also means, if you want me to, I can venture out into some edgier denial stories - what I’m calling my ‘Hard Edge’ series. I’m really going to be led by subscribers on that - but dubcon, consensual non-con, some depraved medical stuff, and who knows what else is the kind of thing that I could try out there. Maybe some fucked up misogynistic stuff that is just so wrong, or I know breast size teasing has been a favourite the few times I featured it on the blog. We’re all adults here and understand that fantasies, and what turns us on, are not what we want, or even hot in reality. Some of those things may not be for you, and that’s okay. Everything will be very clearly tagged. But I want to make this a safe place for all kinds of denial fantasies to be explored, led by you.

Book Club Tier

The Book Club tier is where you start getting more influence. I’ll be putting votes out for what books you want to be prioritised, maybe give options as stories develop to let you decide which way they go. Yes, I’m basically your bitch. A little bit of switching’s good for the soul. More importantly, you’ll have access to my full books as I write them. You’re free to just get off to them but like any book club, your feedback would be awesome. You'll also get proper ebooks of Advanced Reader Copies, delivered via the Bookfunnel service.
What you won’t be getting is copies of my back catalogue. This is because when I put my books up onto Amazon the contract with them is they aren’t available anywhere else. They are pretty merciless at removing accounts who mess around on this, so I won't be. I’ve had quite enough of that with Tumblr.
The point is, for advance reader copies, grab ‘em while they’re hot. They’ll only be there until it’s published on Amazon. So the ‘Advanced’ part is very literal. 
Finally, if you’re formative in an idea for a book you’ll get acknowledged in it, and I thought it might be cute to offer the chance for some to get featured as characters. Your name, or a name you pick, and your general description. Imagine thousands of others getting off imaging all those wicked things being done to you. Hot right?

Writers’ Club Tier (TBA)

Thirdly, there will be the Writers’ Club tier. I’ve been on quite the journey learning the publishing side of writing over the last 12 months. I’d love to share what I’ve learnt and the resources I’ve built up with other aspiring erotica authors. And I’m serious about the author part. This is for people who are wanting to publish and sell their erotica. It’s not just for people wanting cosy feedback on their little stories. 
You get access to an exclusive Discord where I and other authors will be sharing our experiences, struggles, tactics and confidential ideas. I’ve got others helping me with editing and design who’ll also be part of it. If you don’t know if this is for you, please message me first and we can chat it through. Right now this isn't activated - I want to focus on content for the first two tiers, but once it is live places will be limited for obvious reasons. 
As you can see, I’ve made as many of the initial posts public so you can have an idea of the kind of content I’ll be producing. But that is also very much up for discussion. Whatever tier you’re in I’d love to hear what kind of content you would like to see here. 

This is early days, so if you have ideas for tiers, or content within them, message me here or email [email protected]

Ready, steady, write.


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Edging Space Publishing
Public post

New Free Tier

SubscribeStar added the option of including a free tier into the options, so I'm trying that out and we've already got a bunch of people signed up, so thanks for that. 
Do remember if you've signed up for a free tier, (I believe) you can sign up for any of the paid tiers this month and it won't charge you until the 1st October, so you can check out the content risk-free and see if it's for you. (If that's not the case, please let me know. I don't think you can message me on a free tier but just email me at [email protected])
Similiarly, from everyone,  I'd love to know what kind of content you'd like here. Everyone subscribed at the moment are real pioneers with me in this, so whether you're on a paid tier (thank you SO MUCH for your support) or just checking it out on the free tier (you're so welcome here!) get in touch and help me make this something exciting that's really worth being part of.
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Edging Space Publishing
Public post

Why SubscribeStar and not Patreon?

I thought it was worth saying why I'm using this service and not their very well known competitor.
It's been a real dilemma for me as I spent a while setting up a Patreon account last year and was all ready to hit the go-live button, but a few things happened to stop me doing that.
Firstly, reports started to pour in of adult content creators getting their accounts banned by Patreon, usually without warning. A quick Google shows a worrying number of verifiable examples of this. And while a lot of it can be blamed on prissy payment providers, the way Patreon handled it was just not cool. For many working hard to create hot, adult content, their entire livelihood was wiped out in one go, no appeal.
Remind anyone of our favourite blog site?
Yep, the Tumblr pain was too fresh and still is, to put myself at that risk again.
In comparison, SubscribeStar have a really positive attitude to adult content, and it feels like a much safer place to be building a following of this type.
Just for extra brownie points, SubscribeStar 18+ content specifically comes with the .adult third-level domain which is great because that gets blocked automatically on all internet family filters. Belt and braces, nice work SS.
Secondly, Patreon's payment model is kind of weird. The fact they still only gather money from subscribers at the first of the month left me with the dilemma of what to do for those who want to sign up, say a week before that. Do I charge them a whole month for a week's access, or give it to them for free until the month rolls over and so leave it all available without an effective paywall. Again, in comparison SS take payment when you sign up, and repeat that a month later. Seemingly an obvious solution, unless you're Patreon...
(I'm currently just charging at the start of the month to kick start the blog and give people a free taster, but in future it'll be just monthly from when they sign up).
Finally, Patreon is hacked. Like really hacked. I won't put the links up but there are a number of sites where you can just go and type in the Patreon name and boom, there's all their content free to download. Patreon are absolutely aware of this and don't seem to care. That's a problem for me for a couple of reasons. Firstly it's not great to have things you work hard on just ripped off and you can't do anything about it, although honestly if people want my content and can't pay, I'm not too bothered. They weren't going to pay anyway.
Secondly, a major worry is that it totally removes the intrinsic age filter that a paid account provides. I have kids, do I want them getting hold of the kinky shit I write? Hell no. And I don't want anybody else's kids to either. 
So yes, three good reasons I'm doing this with SubscribeStar. I know most of us may have a Patreon account already so thanks for taking the extra step of trying something new. I am too, and I hope it'll work for all of us.

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