Pure Fantasy Series - The Chest Expander

Okay, first, I don't like the title - alternative ideas are welcomed! But it'll do for now.
As discussed in my last post this is my first go at being very focused on erotic fantasy and NOT letting myself go down a romantic or educational angle. It's what my Tumblr blog has been famous for before the ban, only much longer and more detailed stories.
This is one specific niche, that of breast size teasing, which seems to have a big overlap with edging and denial, but I'd plan to target lots of different kinks if these prove popular. It's also very much a medical fantasy, which is a far more widespread kink.
Let me know what you think about these early drafts of early chapters. (These are raw, unedited and unproofed.)
I've attached it as a PDF and as an epub ebook.

Do let me know your thoughts - in comments here, in messages or just email me at [email protected]