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We create Gender-Bending Interactive Stories! :D
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Echo Hollow



I want to say this upfront: I raise cattle for a living (the family business), and work on my games and coding projects in my very limited free time. This means that I don't have as much time as I'd like to work on these things, as the anachronism of small farming is way more work than it's really worth. This may change in the future, and someday I may have more time to work on projects like this. But that's future-stuff, and I have no specific timeline in mind.

This means that you shouldn't expect monthly releases. You'll be lucky to see bi-yearly releases.

SubscribeStar does not have any sort of "per-creation" setting at this time, so you'll be billed monthly regardless of whether I release anything that month or not. Like I said, we're probably looking at more like one or two releases per year at this point.

So fair warning! I can't promise any kind of release schedule, but you can follow the development status and source-code checkin messages on the discord server, to see whether or not I'm actually doing anything, and to urge me along. ;) But the time between releases may be long enough to make you feel like you're throwing your money down a well. So please don't subscribe if you're not ok with that.

At some point in the distant future, I may restrict test releases to subscribers-only, but for now they are all available to the public. Stable releases will always be immediately available to the public. There is no subscriber pay-wall delay or any of that stuff. Naturally I'll pay more attention to larger donors, vis-a-vis content and feature suggestions.

If you arrived here from lands unknown, you can find my projects at .

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Basic Supporter

Basic Support. You get access to polls that help me decide some of the game content and details, as well as what additional features to add to LibTF beyond what I need for my own game. You also get access to test builds via the Discord server. Additionally, I'm also QUITE grateful for your generosity! :D

4 subscribers
per month
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Advanced Supporter

Advanced Support. Your votes count double in the polls (and you still get access to text builds via the Discord server). I'm also VERY grateful! :D :D

0 subscribers
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Uber Supporter!

Uber Support. Your votes count triple in the polls (and you still get access to text builds via the Discord server) . I'm also EXTREMELY grateful! I may think you're crazy for choosing this one, but THANKS! :D :D :D

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Recent posts

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Echo Hollow
The Bitch Switch maintenance release 1.01 is on

  • (Hopefully) fixes <<dialog>> bug being caused by some browser extensions.
  • Removed game-overs in the package-opening scene.
  • Fixed various typos.
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Echo Hollow
Whelp, I just re-recorded that tutorial video, in higher resolution and reduced audio gain.

But I used 48kHz audio instead of 44.1, which apparently caused OBS to bug out and mess up the audio.

And to think I used to have a semi-successful youtube channel, before the great YouTube purge.  Lololololol.

Third time's a charm!
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Echo Hollow
How to Make Kinky Pr0n Games with Twine 001 - Installation and Quickstart
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Echo Hollow
"The Bitch Switch!" Chapter 1 Release 00 is now available at and


  • "The Bitch Switch", a twin-siblings body-swap interactive Twee/Twine story (mean girl x sissy geekboi). Closed source but freely available.
  • "LibEcho", a library of TF-game mechanics for Twee/Twine stories. Open-source (BSD).
  • "How to Make Kinky Pr0n Games with Twine", a series of video tutorials aimed at helping you learn to create your own works of adult interactive fiction.
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