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Echo Hollow
Echo Hollow
We create Gender-Bending Interactive Stories! :D
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Basic Support. You get access to polls that help me decide some of the game content and details, as well as what additional features to add to LibTF beyond what I need for my own game. You also get access to test builds via the Discord server. Additionally, I'm also QUITE grateful for your generosity! :D

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Advanced Supporter

Advanced Support. Your votes count double in the polls (and you still get access to text builds via the Discord server). I'm also VERY grateful! :D :D

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Uber Supporter!

Uber Support. Your votes count triple in the polls (and you still get access to text builds via the Discord server) . I'm also EXTREMELY grateful! I may think you're crazy for choosing this one, but THANKS! :D :D :D

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  • "The Bitch Switch", a twin-siblings body-swap interactive Twee/Twine story (mean girl x sissy geekboi). Closed source but freely available.
  • "LibEcho", a library of TF-game mechanics for Twee/Twine stories. Open-source (BSD).
  • "How to Make Kinky Pr0n Games with Twine", a series of video tutorials aimed at helping you learn to create your own works of adult interactive fiction.

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