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DroolingDemon profile
Hiyo, my name's Kiga and my specialities include: monsterfolk, over indulging in OCs, making every time femboy time, and drawing erotic eye contact 👁v👁)✧
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 ✨Whaaaat's on the Menu?✨

 ✨Voted Art✨
  •  They way I make art is fairly eratic so I sometimes make art polls to help me decide and lets you guys suggest what characters/art get drawn whether it's tied to a theme or just some pin-up art!
  •  When it comes suggestions, there will be an anonymous form y'all can fill out in case you're feeling shy / don't wanna comment your suggestion :>

✨HQ Art & Sketch Platters✨
  •  Get served a platter for of High Quality versions of art I post along with unfinished sketches/ideas that many people may not get to see!
  • You'll also be able to, request that certain ideas get finished :>

✨Private Streams✨
  •  Once I'm able to reach a certain goal I'll also be able to do private streams for patrons, record past streams for people who may have missed it, and request focused streams for my higher tier patrons!

 ✨Previews, PSDs, and Process GIFS✨
  •  Get previews for various content, including previews of art & Visual Novel work, PSDs of some finished art to see my 30+ folder layers and hidden ideas/secrets, and Process GIFS to see how my final pieces come together~!

Subscription Tiers

per month
Aberrant Appetizer

How about something to tide you over?

In this tier you receive:

  • Access to HQ & Uncensored Art
  • Character Suggestions
  • High-Res PSDs & Proccess GIFs
  • Monthly Sketch Platters
0 subscribers
per month
Hearty Meal

Need more than a quick bite? Then lets make it a meal!

With this tier you receive:

  • All previous rewards
  • 10% Commission Discount
  • Priority Commission Slots
  • Tier Exclusive!:
    Every 3 months, you can request a monochromatic bust sketch of 1 character (sfw or nsfw; ref required)
0 subscribers


  • - Access to Monthly Sketch/WIP compilations
  • - Process GIFs, PSDs, & Uncensored Versions of Voted Art
  • - HQ versions of Posted Art

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.

Creator Stats

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to reach
I'll feel comfortable getting Picarto Premium which will allow me to have Patron-Only streams, Record past streams for later viewing, and Do polls & raffles IN streams!
to reach
I'll open up the Just Desserts tier which includes: All previous rewards (minus the tier exclusive) & In-Stream Half Body Art Requests (3 slots per stream)
to reach
Once I reach this I'll be able to feel comfortable focusing on art along with a partime job more actively and start having a more set schedule or stream/art days :')
to reach
Gonna start figuring out bonus stuff I can do every few months like sending stickers, mini prints, etc :'>

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