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Double Prolix
Double Prolix
Double Prolix produces erotic text games.
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Double Prolix
Hi there, I'm Double Prolix and I make adult text games.

Subscribers at the $5 Player tier will get new versions one iteration in advance of what's been released publicly. Those at the $10 Early Adopter level get them even sooner.

So hey, if you like the project and want to help development, consider subscribing!

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A hundo

Top tier support, you're a class act. I have no idea what to offer here. Something cool, probably.

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Double Prolix
Public post

I've tried a lot of different things when it comes to images in my games.  When I was working on Power Corrupts I started with stock photos run through a set of photoshop filters designed to make them look like "comic art."

This was limited, of course, to images that already existed, and was never anything more than a placeholder. 

I tried my hand at 3D renders using Daz Studio, but this turned out to be frustrating - first because my graphics card was insufficient to render in a timely fashion, and then because Daz itself is a janky piece of shit that crashes more often than not. Eventually, somehow, my asset library got screwed up and I said "fuck it."

The ideal solution? Pay someone to make digital art for me, so I can focus on the writing and code. Of course, I don't have the budget for that.


Going forward I'm going to focus on text-based builds. No reason I can't add visuals later, but for the moment I'm not going to worry about it. Just write the story, just write the code. If I get a better PC I might try Daz again, if I have the budget I might hire an artist. But for now, words.

So that's what this is.

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to reach
The game's basic expenses (new assets, web hosting, software subscriptions, etc) are met. It no longer costs money for me to work on this.
to reach
Adult game dev pays like a part time job, so I'll treat it like one, putting in more hours a week. More progress, faster progress, all thanks to you guys.
to reach
Hey, I've made enough money to pay off the hardware and assets I've already put into the game. I'm out of the hole! Go team!
to reach
Custom assets? Don't mind if I do. I can pay for custom 3D assets and music on a regular basis, isn't that neat?

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