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23-yo. artist/writer w. Asperger's who sketches lewd drawings and other cool stuff too. Mostly NSFW. All characters depicted 18+ yo. Wants to one day create a popular manga-inspired comic series
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Subscription Tiers

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Tier I: Tip Jar

The initial tier for those who just want to donate as much money as a Subscriber would like for as little as $1.00 USD. This will provide initial access to at least some of my most recent digital and finished traditional artwork.

per month
Tier II: Drawing and Poll Requests

This tier grants the same permissions as with the Tip Jar tier, but with the additional benefit of suggesting requests for polls and even a limited queue of drawings I'll work on throughout the month. SFW and NSFW requests welcome.

Limited (0 out of 14) subscriptions
per month
Tier III: "Bare Essentials" H-Manga Fund

This tier of Subscribers has all the previous benefits of the other tiers, with the addition of seeing exclusive WIPs of potential digital comics, both as mainline entries for any series I'm working on, as well as some hentai doujinshi projects on the side. There will also be exclusive access to traditional pen-and-paper drawings I won't post yet in case that'd be a good incentive as well.

Limited (0 out of 4) subscriptions
per month
Tier IV: True Darling Membership

This tier grants access to all the previous tier's benefits, with the addition of an exclusive 2 1/2 week long poll requested by said True Darling Membership Subscribers on a monthly basis. Once the poll winner has been decided, I'll spend the rest of the month working on a special full-color drawing based on the results.

Limited (0 out of 2) subscriptions


  • Each Tier grants you access to exclusive WIPs, alternate versions of drawings I post elsewhere, and previews for upcoming comics
  • Higher Tier Subscribers get additional benefits such as deciding the subject of a lewd/NSFW pinup poll,
  • However, there won't be Discord server integration anytime soon. I've got enough supporters and artists on my main server as is, so do keep that in mind until I end up making a separate server.

The subscription gives you:
  • Access to Creator's profile content.
  • Ability to support your Creator by contributing – one-time or recurring.
  • Means to reaching out to the Creator directly via Instant Messenger.
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