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Currently working on creating a visual novel titled 'Rise Again'. Come Join me to see how it's turning out.

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You help me stay motivated and that means your opinion carries just that much more weight.

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You want to see the game progress quicker and your opinion gains significance.

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You want to take part in making this game even better. I'll hear out your suggestions and give serious consideration to implementing any ideas you might want to see in the game. Your opinions are expressed in many voices.

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You want to be a driving force in allowing this game to reach maturity. We will discuss directly one scene you want and you can reach out to me any time with questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Your voice drowns out the masses and all know what you desire.

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You'll have a huge amount of influence regarding what scenes are implemented and in what order. I will discuss decisions I make for the game and rely on you to help me sound out what direction I should take. Your voice has no equal and is heard before all others are even allowed to speak.

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  • Multiple endings, Behavior system, Twenty girls to romance upon completion of the game.

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