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Foxy Comics and Pinup Art ~
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Foxy Fan

The tier you want if you want to keep up with all my public posts, all for the grand ol' price of free :D

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Early Content and Pinup Polls!

Everyone at this tier will get access to comics and other works early, and qualify to vote on the weekly pinup themes I draw on stream on Sundays ~

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Weekly Pinups!

At this tier, you can post whatever themes you like to my weekly pinup series, and have your ideas voted on by your fellow supporters ~

They do however have to be Desert Fox or Osiris related. I wont be taking any OC requests through this tier unfortunately ~

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Super Supporter!

Everyone at this tier will have their username added to the supporter section on every Desert Fox page as long as you remain a Super Supporter ~

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  • Furry pinup art and 18+ content

Recent posts

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Desert Fox
Public post

Taking A Ride

Requested by Zeorymer on Patreon ~ 

Umbra sneaks off with her favorite fox for some hanky panky in the great outdoors. I hope she can keep her voice down ;3 

I do drawings for my supporters every week, through Patreon and Substar, if you want to check it out o/ 

Patreon ~

Substar ~

Newgrounds ~

Discord Server ~

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