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DarkSoul3D is creating 3D erotic Art and Comics.
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Initiate of DarkSoul3D

All of Tier one benefits Plus:

Weekly Exclusive 'Monstrous Moments' Image.

Access to Weekly Updates of the 'Erotic Dairy of Sandi Darlington' Comic series, as well as special extended scenes.

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per month
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Adept of DarkSoul3D

All of Tier One & Tier Two benefits Plus: All new Images for: 'Twisted Desires' 'Channel Darksoul' Images Inspired from Movies & Video Games' 'Dark Future, Sci-fi & Monstrous Vignettes'

0 subscribers
per month
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Lords of DarkSoul3D

All of Tiers 1-3 Benefits Plus: DarkSoul3D's 'Black Label' Content Featuring:
'All New 'Black Label' Content.
'Lisa Cartwright'.
'The Bowen-Darkeleys.'
'Sandi Darlington'.
Other 'Black Label' Images, Vignettes & Stories.

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